Weigl served as an infantryman and Komunyakka as a war correspondent.

Other songs of notable length from the album are "Raving and Drooling" (early version of "Sheep", 12 and a half minutes) and "You've Got to Be Crazy" (early version of "Dogs", 18 minutes 10 seconds).

Weigl's writing, especially in (1985), shows war as chaos.

On one of their compilation albums, a third of the songs are over 7 minutes.

Weigl did not publish his first book until 1976.

Several of the band's later albums consist almost exclusively of this trope, but oddly, none of the songs on their first two albums qualify, though "Dear Mr.

Hell, any of the big songs by the Tree qualify for Epic Rocking.

Their cover of ' "Inside Looking Out" remains the longest 7" single ever to make the UK top 40 (longer songs have charted, but not on 7"): it runs 9:31, while its B side "Paranoid" runs 7:51 - both played at 33rpm.

(Many of their songs have shifts and , but are usually concise enough to not fit the trope.)

Eighteen songs, over two hours of music.

Most of their albums are two discs and well over an hour long, and after their first album (where the shortest song is still over seven minutes long), they only have a handful of songs less than ten minutes in length.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is one of the more mainstream rock songs there.

Ygg huur is less of an example, as four of the songs clock in at 6:42 (they have exactly the same length down to the millisecond) and the others are even shorter, but they still have the complexity of Krallice's other material.

and both have songs that take up a whole side of the album.

Their self-titled has "A Little Piece of Heaven" at eight minutes flat, and Nightmare has only two songs under five minutes with "Save Me" topping out at 10:56.

And that's after shortening one of the songs!).

Up until their 2015 album Ygg huur, and excluding the EP Orphan of Sickness, which was a , and the single Traditional, they had only five songs shorter than seven minutes, and one of those was an .

Muse" clocks in at 16 minutes, and they have a number of songs in the seven or eight minute range.

Around half of their songs exceed ten minutes in length.

Pyromania has "Die Hard the Hunter" at 6:17, Hysteria has two equally long songs with "Rocket" and "Gods of War" both at 6:37, Adrenalize chips in with "White Lightning" at 7:03, Slang gives up "Pearl of Euphoria" at 6:21 though they've dialed back the song lengths on more recent albums.

Anger, the complexity and length of their songs tended to be cut down dramatically.

Conversely, the rest of the songs on the eponymous album are .

Although their self-titled album is indexed as one 31 minute track, it's actually several different songs, including covers of and Flipper, so it may not count.

Weakling had only five songs, the shortest of which was 10:28 and the longest of which was 20:39.

most of his songs range fom 4 to 8 minutes.

Ensiferum have produced even longer songs beyond Jari's departure with "Victory Song" at 10:43, "Heathen Throne" at 11:09, "The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II)" at 12:49 (listening to both Heathen Throne songs back to back makes it one hell of a journey) and "Passion Proof Power" at 16:59 making it Ensiferum's longest song to date.