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Earl Cook is the primary programmer and developer of the eTouch for Health software system. While working closely with Touch for Health (TFH) founder and author, John F. Thie, DC, the importance of research was stressed and became a central theme. Cook then codified the TFH model and then built the software application that tracked clients and individual TFH energy kinesiology balancing sessions. Color-coding of the results of a muscle test (MMT) were introduced as well as a background assignment of 'severity values' based on the degree of unlocking of the muscle test result. Users selected color codes: Green = Locking/Strong/Facilitated; Yellow = Moderately Unlocking/Bouncing/Slightly Weak; Red = Unlocking / Inhibited / Weak; Very Red; Extremely Weak / Unable to test. In the background, the eTouch software uses these color choices to assign and calculate severity codes for each: muscle; acupuncture meridian; Five Element; side of the body; and total score for severity for the person. Cook also introduced the 'Improvement Factor' based upon starting and ending values (Pain/Stress) during balancing sessions and amount of difference between the two values. The eTouch software was used in the last five public presentations by Dr. Thie. The results of these balances were used as a base guideline for comparing 12 years of results from muscle testing. The goal was to see if the Effectiveness of Dr. Thie could be replicated while providing empirical evidence of the efficacy of the Touch for Health modality. Cook also created research tools that are standard in the software so that users of the software around the world can conduct their own research in attempting to replicate the baseline results being presented.

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The Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program ended on July 1, 2013

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You may want to clarify if you are just disagreeing with the Test Process and Documentation part of the standard or if you are against all parts of the standards.

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When the word Standard is added, it obviously brings in more attention to the fresh grads who wants to start from basics (believe me….when i say grab and read a book on testing techniques people hardly listen, but when i say go and read this ISO standard they mostly make the attempt).

[James’ Reply: That’s why we have to discredit that junk.]

In my opinion some part of the standard is still good to have since it gives a base definitions for testing and few test design techniques.

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Later I realized this is not so bizarre. What they had effectively done is ostracize me from the team. They had changed the players in the game. The remaining team did come to consensus. In the years since, I have found that changing the boundaries or membership of a community is indeed an important pillar of consensus building. I have used this tactic many times to avoid unhelpful debate. It is one reason why I say that I’m a member of the Context-Driven School of Testing. My school does not represent all schools, and the other schools do not represent mine. Therefore, we don’t need consensus with them.

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A standard for testing would have to reflect the values and practices of the world community of testers. Yet, the concerns of the Context-Driven School of thought, which has been in development for at least 15 years have been ignored and our values shredded by this so-called standard and the process used to create it. They have done this by excluding us. There are two organizations explicitly devoted to Context-Driven values (AST and ISST) and our community holds several major conferences a year. Members of our community speak at all the major practitioners conferences, and our ideas are widely cited. Some of the most famous testers in the the world, including me, are Context-Driven testers. We exist, and together with the Agilists, we are the source of nearly every new idea in testing in the last decade.

Seated Battery of Standardized Field Sobriety Testing The seated battery of standardize field sobriety testing (SFST) was developed to address a number of …

Over 12,000 ASTM standards operate globally

The reason they have excluded us is that they know we won’t agree to any simplistic standard based on templates or simple formulae. We know those things look pretty but they don’t help. If ISO doesn’t exclude us, they worry they will never finish. They know we will challenge their evidence, and even their ethics and basic competence. This is why I say the craft is not ready for standards. It will be years before all the recognized experts in testing can come together and agree on anything substantial.

Jan 15, 2018 · As Phil Murphy succeeds Chris Christie as New Jersey's governor Tuesday, there's at least one thing students and teachers in the state's public schools can expect: an end to controversial PARCC testing

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The ISO organization claims to have a new standard for software testing. But ISO 29119 is not a standard for testing. It cannot be a standard for testing.

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