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Incidentally, moving more into the plate is also a good idea when a right handed hitter is facing a left handed pitcher. Most pitchers tend to throw more toward their throwing hand side, which means a lefty will throw more to the outside corner. You may not want to move in quite as far as the earlier situation, but when in doubt about the lefty give it a try.

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ROSE: Maybe you ought to go on and stay down there with her . . if she a better woman than me.

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My daughter recently ran into this problem at a word series. The pitchers were working the outside corner and the ump was calling balls as much as 4 inches off the plate. We have been working hitting balls from a tee as much as 6 inches off the plate going the opposite field with the pitch. I personally don’t like moving closer to the plate a good pitcher adjust when the batter adjust, so you move closer then you get the pitch on the inside coroner.

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In September 1944 American Engineer Corps troops took control of the area, repairing the landing strips and constructing the camp.

The camp became the most important military camp in Europe.

We lived in an old broken-down chateau, men on one side and women on the other.

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Cut three pieces of white foam core to fit the panels of the box. You can use any other white material as long as it is rigid and stays flat.

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soldiers bound for the camp landed at Le Havre (which was taken on September 12, 1944 by the British after an intense bombardment which destroyed 85% of the city — 12,000 tons of bombs were dropped in 12 days, with a large number of victims in the civilian population) and were carried to Camp Lucky Strike by trucks and trains to the station at St.

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My daughter is a lefty pitcher and loves throwing to the outside corner because when the batter does finally move in on the plate, she throws it right under there elbows. Never assume a pitcher can”t throw inside just because they have'nt , You could get burned..and they love doing that!

A little further down were the bars: one for officers; another for NCOs and soldiers.

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If you want a pretty secure display set-up, they probably sell UV-treated glass that you could pair with display lights that don’t emit a lot of heat or UV-light. I guess you could also go with roll down curtains for the front of your display case :)

From 2 July to 23 July 1945, the drivers were busily engaged in hauling construction supplies in and around the installation.

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Even the very first releases of the 1/48 toys are still good toys. Generally people should look for the later releases as they have better build quality and some minor durability tweaks. If you’re going to buy just one 1/48 toy, I highly recommend getting one of the super bundles. The Weathering Edition toys are very attractive and hard to come by so those are also popular among the diehard collectors. Would I recommend the 1/48 toys over the 1/60 V2 toys? No. The V2 toys don’t have the same gimmicks (no air brake, wing flaps, or removable nosecone) but their build quality is a step above the 1/48s and they handle much better. If you have the time and space though, the 1/48 is a really cool toy and it’s something I think every Macross collector should experience.

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I dropped collectability down in my most recent update (for the first editions). It seems like more people try to steer clear of first editions rather than actively seeking them out.