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According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (2010), Kenya has 38.6 million people with a growth rate of 2.8% annually with a majority population living in rural areas (World Bank, 2010)....

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The poverty that takes place in more underdeveloped countries such as Kenya, Africa, is majorly affecting the citizens because of the diseases that are being spread throughout the entire state, the lack of medical supplies that is needed for each doctor, and unsanitary water and a very insufficient amount of food.

Kenya's economy growing quickly

Matthew Carotenuto stated, “Much of the world had historically viewed Kenya as an island of peace and economic potential in a roiling sea of stateless chaos.” What he means is that people have long seen Kenya as a peaceful place that is surrounded by countries suffering from all sorts of violence and unfortunate circumstances....

The purpose of this research project is to study the economic and social implications of smallholder agriculture in Kenya.
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Every single attack shared a common thread of irony: the majority of the lives lost were Kenyan, even though the ideology behind the attacks suggests that Kenyan and Kenyans were not involved in the political dynamic that precipitated the attacks....

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As Africa gained full independence from its colonial masters, “the global trading system remained highly inefficient, with advanced economies drawing on their technological edge to enjoy tremendous market powers: monopoly or oligopoly on the supply side, and monopsony or oligopsony on the demand side (Blue Hippo).” Due to the inefficiency of the system it was even more difficult for Kenya to gain ground in the global eco...

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