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Not only is blood a key part of the plot for obvious reasons, it is also an example of imagery, representing several different symbols throughout the play.

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In the play 'Macbeth' Shakespeare applies the imagery of clothing, darkness and blood.

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"The day" was the day on whichthe earth was caused to rise up out of the water, symbolical of that resurrectionlife which we have in Christ, and in which alone we can worship, or serve,or do any "good works."Hence is a number of RESURRECTION, for it was on the day that Jesus rose again from the dead.

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Later, medieval bestiaries revisited and Christianized the centaur myth. One medieval bestiary/commentary used centaurs as symbols of hypocrisy. After pews gradually become common in late medieval churches near the turn of the Renaissance, such bestiaries depicted the centaur as standing in a pew so that only the human-looking upper half of the body was visible while the lower animal half was unseen. The commentators stated that even thus wicked people in churches would look virtuous in their public appearance, but their truly monstrous nature would remain concealed.

Intertwined with dark, stormy nights is the appearance of witches and the powerful symbol of blood....

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If the subject-matter is something besides a scene from nature, or if it employs puns, elaborate symbols, or other forms of "cleverness," the poem is technically a rather than a .

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These properties and attributes are manifested in its threefoldnature, which of itself is the inevitable expression of a principle, anarchetypal fact, that solidifies in a series, as a representation of ideasand energies that materialize in magical, mysterious fashion while obeyingprecise, universal laws, which the numerical codes and their geometricalcorrespondences symbolize.This symbol a triad or trinity.

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