Curfew laws give structures to teens.

City leaders want to make sure people have evacuated the mandatory zones for their own safety. At an early-morning press conference, Greenville Police Chief Mark Holtzman addressed multiple overnight burglaries that occurred in the evacuation zones. He says two suspects were quickly apprehended and arrested after discovering stolen items in their possessions. In response, patrols have doubled in the evacuation areas to avoid further thefts from occurring.

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Evan was convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison. However, for currentlyunknown reasons, he was back home in less than two years. He served sometime as a trustee in Little Rock instead of the state pen.

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Money is another motivator Fair uses to help teens understand the potential consequences of their actions on the road. "I show them what their rate will be on their parents' policy, and how that rate would change if they were bumped off into a non-preferred policy of their own. Then we factor in the insurance points that would occur for a ticket or an at-fault accident. When they see how those rates rise, it seems to resonate," she says.

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By 7 p.m., officers and security guards had asked 12 teenagers to leave; three were taken to a holding area and their parents were called; and six were directed to a new waiting area near Rita's Italian Ice for their parents to pick them up after their movie.

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Curfew laws are beneficial and should be upheld.
In order to help parents with their teens, curfew laws are a way for parent to not worry about their juvenile at night during curfew time.

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