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Simply, concrete nouns are nouns that name people, places, and things that are tangible, or that have real existence. Abstract nouns, on the other hand, name intangible things: concepts, ideas, emotions. For example:

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They had no abstract ideas; in their minds all was concrete, visible and tangible
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I tend to disagree with the Jewelry example. Jewelry in either case is something concrete and tangible. In the example “I love to spend money on jewelry” the term jewelry still refers to physical, concrete items, but in a general sense. Just because it’s general, doesn’t make it abstract.

Concrete nouns are synonymous to tangible ..

In conclusion, we are very pleased with our project as a whole. Even though the data did not show any statistical difference between the fertilizer groups and the results of the plants, we understand the actual difference that the fertilizers had. The experiment made the affects of fertilizer on plants tangible and allowed us to chart said affects. For this reason, we feel that our experiment was a successful one. When considered within the grand scheme of the agricultural world, our experiment is extremely applicable. The production and use both of fertilizers and soybean, although not necessarily in the same agricultural areas, is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world. Therefore, for this reason and its other implications, the results from our experiment, if conducted on a grander scale, could definitely have the potential to influence farmers’ approach to fertilization.

hard and financial, while the benefits are hard and tangible, but also soft and intangible
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