He wants the grim satisfaction of doing so himself.

Not yet quite dead, she is able to whisper, "Too much I loved him -- now I die for him." There is a duet: Gilda, "Lassu -- in cielo" (From yonder sky); Rigoletto, "Non morir" (Ah, perish not).

"Maledizione!" -- The music of Monterone’s curse upon the ribald jester, now bending over the corpse of his own despoiled daughter, resounds on the orchestra.

The Act 3 Quartet from Verdi's Rigoletto

Rigoletto, confused, holds a ladder against what he believes to be the wall of Ceprano’s house.

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The result is the duet for Rigoletto and Gilda, beginning with his words to Giovanna, "Veglia, o donnma, questo fiore" (Safely guard this tender blossom).

Rigoletto hears footsteps in the street and goes out through the door of the courtyard to see who may be there.

Rigoletto is set in Mantua, Italy, in the 16th century

In a colloquy, to which the orchestra supplies an accompaniment, interesting because in keeping with the scene he offers to Rigoletto his services, should they be needed, in putting enemies out of the way -- and his charges are reasonable.

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Count Ceprano who many times has suffered under Rigoletto’s biting tongue, knowing that she is in some way connected with the jester, in fact believing her to be his mistress, and glad of any opportunity of doing him an injury, forms a plan to carry off the young girl, and so arranges it that Rigoletto unwittingly assists in her abduction.

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For next, to the sextet in "Lucia," the quartet in the last act of "Rigoletto" is the finest piece of concerted music in Italian opera -- and many people will object to my placing it only "next" to that other famous ensemble, instead of on complete equality with, or even ahead of it.

The "argument" of "Rigoletto" deals with the amatory escapades of the Duke of Mantua.

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I cannot recall a representation of the work with Nilsson and Campanini in which this was not the case, and it was so at the Manhattan when "Rigoletto" was sung there by Melba and Bonci.

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Then Rigoletto vows vengeance upon the betrayer of Gilda.

But such is the fascination which the Duke exerts over women that Gilda, fearing for the life of her despoiler, pleads with her father to "pardon him, as we ourselves the pardon of heaven hope to gain," adding, in an aside, "I dare not say how much I love him."

It was a corrupt, care-free age.

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Rigoletto, who has recovered his daughter, brings her to the inn so that, by being a witness of the Duke’s inconstancy, she may be cured of her unhappy love.

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As for the criticisms, the cadenzas so ostentatiously introduced by singers for the sake of catching applause, are no more Verdi’s than is the high C in "Il Trovatore." The song is perfectly in keeping with the Duke’s character.