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The vision he came up with in the Communist Manifesto predicted a world where instead of a few rich capitalists owning the equipment we rely on to make the products we need, everyone could share that property in common. He was a little vague on the particulars of this future communist world, but he was super specific about the problems of the current capitalist one—and he was so convincing that millions have rejected capitalism and launched communist revolutions.

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Authors Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels didn't win any awards for this document, but they got a bigger prize: the manifesto, which is primarily Marx's work, is famous because it changed the world—and still does. It inspired the leaders of the Russian Revolution to overthrow the tsarist aristocracy and set up the communist Bolshevik government that led to the communist Soviet Union, one of the most powerful countries of the 20th century. China, Cuba, and other countries consider themselves communist to this day.

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Yeah, it's an incredibly controversial work. A lot of people blame the Communist Manifesto for the fact that Soviet dictator put tens of millions of people into Gulags, or forced labor camps, and committed all kinds of other horrors. On the other hand, some say communism has never been implemented properly—perhaps because the continued existence of rival capitalism doesn't allow it.

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of the Soviets into the rule of the Communist Party and substituted a dictator ..

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