The N and KH symbols resolving itself to the Ogdoad = ANKH

Before I summarize, I want to open up the air by reading to you probably the most important inscription on any wall in the World. Though Hidden and overlooked this inscription deals with the oneness of the Creator and summarizes more than 5,000 years of Egyptian Cosmology – Hibis Temple – the center of the southern el-Khargeh Oasis Hymn to the Ba’s of Amun _t should be memorized. Commissioned by Darius I after he sacked Kemet from the Nubians – he layed bare Egyptian Cosmology to spread to Asia. The temple writing clearly shows that the Egyptians knew of one creator but acknowledge they had used several names and several stories but the one arose out of the primordial ocean. The Secret of the Ankh is in here.

In the Bible it represents Satan, the devil.

Of course we have the powerful sound that discribes a wave or vibration – N

In the Bible, we see how He used it for His purposes.

To alchemists, it symbolized the the destruction and creation of new forms of matter along the way to the ultimate transformation: physical (turn lead into gold) and spiritual (immortality - an occult alternative to the Christian salvation).

First we look at the style and format of Tut Ankh Amun and Pi Ankh y

It also represents female energy or lifeforce in goddess worship, sometimes linked to the eastern Kundalini force or a supposed "goddess within." The list of meanings is endless, but in the Bible it usually represents sin, temptation, destruction, and Satan.

The native American Cheyenne warriors revered the "" as symbols of male power.

Reinterpretations of the ANKH ..

Then the Ankh will appear in Christian Ethiopia in several forms. The first form you will see instead of the Ren/Name in the Loop of the Ankh, Faces. Most notably, Christ and His Mother. Then you will see the Coptic Cross

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Karma equivalents are Chinese Tao, Greek Logos, and the Egyptian Ma’at, foundational feminine mound upon which “creator god” stood. Back to Tao, Tao+Ru, Ankh, Cross, Ka, Ka-Maat, Kamma, Karma, Dharma.

Point out that shen and ankh (meaning ..

Normally symbols are very difficult to decipher especially when not in context but this symbol Ankh is within some matter/anti-matter storm – and the Egyptian Definition or descriptions of the Ogdoad – describe elements that would be in this type of storm and out of the result and because of the result is Life or Ankh.

I want now to pose that the Ankh symbol in Mdu Ntr is a Formula for Creation in itself.

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Before I leave, I want to double back on a few things that I had said in summary but I want to draw a major important part out. In Kemet there were several cosmologies and some of them were older than others. The Khemnu Cosmology where I draw my theory about the Secret Origins of Life or the Symbol Ankh is mentioned in several other cosmological text.

One theory about the ankh is that it is symbolic of the sunrise, ..

I want to give Credit to Bro. Sekou Fortune and Bro. Anthony Jordan, who helped decode the Ankh as well as my Mentors Dr. Leonard Jeffries, and Bro. James Small and the organizations and institutions that provided me an environment to understand Africa. These include: The First World Alliance, ASCAC, Department of Africana Studies at City College, The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

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To American Indians in the Northwest, who believe that all of nature has spiritual life, the animals in their totems poles represent the spiritual powers of animal protectors or ancestors.