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The stories that unfold in “The Storytellers” range from short to long, and are quite possibly already familiar to the viewer. Interestingly, the narratives are typically more important than actual words or texts. These artists tell a wide variety of stories through visual means that extend far beyond written language. Ultimately, their works transcend the borders of geography, language and discipline and collectively convey universal stories of life.

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Storytelling and narration have played a significant role in contemporary art for quite some time, materializing as a trend that has developed alongside the increasing popularity of documentary practices in art. Storytelling seems to be capturing everyone’s attention as an ever-increasing number of exhibitions feature strongly narrative work. Whether historically, politically or personally based, narrative tendencies in contemporary art range from highly straightforward and factual to magical and fairytale-like. There is no shortage of contemporary art that conveys narratives relating to topics of sexuality and race, identity issues, philosophy, politics, and life in general. At a time when storytelling in art is so firmly established, there are also many artists whose work is directly inspired not only by narrative strategies, but also by literature in particular.

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The exhibition title is directly inspired by Vargas Llosa’s book The Storyteller, a captivating story with an intricate narrative that juxtaposes the voice of the narrator with chapters relating to Peruvian Indian mythology. The Storyteller contains all the elements of a classic award-winning novel: an underlying personal struggle and a search for meaning and truth found along the path of a life-changing journey of discovery. Vargas Llosa’s award-winning story hints at many of the underlying themes in the exhibition and captures the unique and powerful storytelling qualities of many of the artists featured in “The Storytellers.” Just as Vargas Llosa guides us into a mythic and magical world with his poetic tale of a storyteller, these artists are visual storytellers who capture our imagination with their interpretations of some of the greatest stories ever written.

Alfredo Jaar, Marx Lounge, 2010, site-specific installation with 1500 books all related to Marxist theory. Courtesy of the artist.

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The artists featured in this exhibition are storytellers in their own right, with a unique ability to convey narratives through visual art that is paradoxically as indebted to words, text and language as it is detached from the words, text and language that inspired them in the first place. While the play between text and image is certainly nothing new, these works reveal a very specific and unique link to literature. The essence of the exhibition lies in the references to specific literary narratives as well as the individual narratives that are also inspired by literature and books. Real books, imaginary books, replicas of books, book collections, pages from books, passages from books, pictures of books, installations of books and sculptures carved from books might all seem part of an imaginary Borgesian universe. As featured within “The Storytellers,” these books are visual translations that tell or retell captivating stories that ultimately trace a path from Borges to Joyce, Brazil to Norway, the 19th century to the 21st century and back again, all expressed in art that speaks even louder than words.

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Mónica Bengoa, Einige Beobachtungen über Wildblumen: Bienen-Ragwurz (Ophrys apifera) und Schachblume (Fritillaria meleagris) or Some considerations on wild flowers: Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera) and Chess Flower (Fritillaria meleagris), 2011, wall-mounted mural made from hand-cut felt. Courtesy of the artist

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The installations, sculptures, photographs, films, paintings and drawings featured in “The Storytellers” are not literal interpretations, nor are they illustrative, but they are all deeply inspired in some way by literature and/or poetry. As with any story, the narratives are intricate and intertwined, sometimes overlapping, move in and out of time and place, are rich with metaphor and symbolism, and are conveyed with unequivocal power and conviction. Some of the narratives evolve from personal journeys while others are more analytical or theoretical in approach, but all the works tell stories that are as personal as they are universal. The golden thread that ties these works together is typically spun from pre-existing literary narratives, found in timeless, epic stories that are uniquely transformed into new stories in their own right. The cross between text and image, poetry and poetic subject matter brings all the work together into a large-scale exhibition that can be read and enjoyed on a variety of different levels. Reading between the lines of these works, we are invited to discover what shapes this exhibition into visual storytelling at its best.