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A collaboration with Lillian Hellman, was based upon Voltaire's satiricnovella of 1759, which had lampooned the philosophy of optimism, a mindless acceptance ofdisaster in this best of all possible worlds. Most great shows boast an inseparable blendof book and lyrics. Joan Peyser pinpointed the problem that doomed from theoutset: two brilliant creators each seized upon the possibilities of the source materialin irreconcilable ways. Bernstein crafted a delightful score that subtly ribbed the staidconventions of European opera, while Hellman, "whose tongue was never in hercheek," planned a dead-serious attack upon the anti-communist investigatingcommittees which had victimized her and her literary circle. Needless to say, didn't jell.

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Martin, a skeptic thinks this is not “the best of all possible worlds” (“Candide”102), as Dr.

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After having spent a great deal of time away from his homeland, and having seen more than most people see in a lifetime, the narrator is forced to conclude that this may not be the best possible world because of the reality of evil.

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Pangloss belief that "all is for the best in this world" (24) somewhat stays with Candide throughout his travels and is more of a burden to him than anything else....

Leibniz theorized that God, having the ability to pick from an infinite number of worlds, chose this world, “the best of all possible worlds”(18)....

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It may seem silly to think of this as the best of all possible worlds, but that would be preferable to thinking that, out there somewhere, there is a real worst of all possible universes.

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While it is a factor in the belief of many that even the hard events of life nevertheless serve some divine purpose, Leibniz's formulation has proven more irritating to the incredulous, probably because the "possible worlds" formulation provokes the thought that this really cannot be the best of all possible worlds.

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Even though Pangloss stuck to his views that everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds, which is admirable, he is stupid and naive to still believe this after everything he and his family goes through....

At the beginning of Candide's quest he followed Pangloss's theory of the best of all possible worlds....

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Candide is an archetype of these idiocracies, for he lacks reason and has optimism that is truly irking, believing that this is the best of all possible worlds.

If God does everything for the best, then in creating the world, he can only have created the best of all possible worlds.

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These two well-known philosophers both held the viewpoint that the world created by God was the best of all possibilities, a world of perfect order and reason.

Time and again, Voltaire clearly portrays his belief that this is not the best of all possible worlds.

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In Voltaire's Candide, Candide travels through Europe and South America to understand the meaning of "the best of all possible worlds." In the end Candide decides that the best thing in the world is to "cultivate one's own garden." Song of Roland is about how Ganelon betrayed France which led to the Battle of Roncesvalles.