Publicized details of this famous computer analysis of finding codedmessages in the Torah should make us stop and think. For instance, onlythe book of Genesis was validated by this elaborate test; the other booksof the Pentateuch were either not tested, or were tested and failed, withthe test results going unpublished. On the other hand, the book of Isaiahdefinitely was tested and failed. If they had truly discovered "G-d'ssignature," wouldn't the same miracle have appeared in all the booksof the Bible? Or are we to consider Genesis more inspired than Isaiah?

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A careful reading of their critique reveals that this is their basicand fundamental criticism of Yacov's discovery of the Yeshua codes. Theycorrectly point out that the ELS codes revealing "Hitler" "Sadat""Rabin" and the many "Yeshua" codes cannot meet thestatistically verified criteria as to their significance in the same waythat the "Famous Rabbis"" experiment could be verified. However,the critics assert that this means that these Type (B) encoded words aretherefore meaningless is both illogical and inconsistent. A particular ELSencoded word or words can be meaningful based on its placement in a particularpassage of the Bible even though it would not meet the specific statisticalevaluation criteria as demonstrated in the "Famous Rabbis""experiment.

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1. They claim we (Rambsel, Jeffrey, Dr. Moshe Katz - author of CompuTorah,and other Jewish authors of books including Fascinating Torah Prophecies)have a "complete misunderstanding of the "codes methodology,"how it works, and what can and cannot be asserted concerning them."They write, "The following comments apply, therefore, to all of theseworks."

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a) Most, if not all, of the authors of this critique participate in orsupport the teaching of the codes by the Aish Ha Torah/Discovery Seminar.I have received numerous audio tapes, their publications and reports fromthose attending these seminars. All of these sources, including numerousnewspaper articles, confirm that these Aish Ha Torah/Discovery Seminarsenthusiastically teach the phenomenon of the codes including both the "FamousRabbis"" statistically verified experiment and additional codediscoveries including many of the following Type (B) codes: Torah, Sadat,the Rabin assassination, Hitler, the 25 trees in Gen. 2, the word Aaronin Lev. 1, the ancestors of King David in Gen. 38, Hanukkah, Hasmoneans,Zedekiah and many more. In their brochure, Aish Hat Torah calls these othercodes "impressive" while noting that they are not statisticallyverified. One of the purposes of these Aish Ha Torah/Discovery lecturesis to prove the following: 1) The Bible was inspired by God because no humancould have produced these complex codes containing knowledge of future events.2) The difficulty of encoding even known information such as the names of25 trees encoded at an ELS of every 21 letters in the Gen. 2 account aboutthe Garden of Eden strongly argues for a supernatural origin for the text.

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i) In my presentation of the codes to audiences and in our books, I didnot claim that the codes revealing the name Yeshua were evaluated usingthe detailed statistical analysis method applied to the "Famous Rabbis"experiment. Rather, I presented the fact that this name Yeshua appears ineach of many significant messianic prophetic passages. When teaching thismaterial I discuss at some length the process of the statistical verificationof the "Famous Rabbis" experiment. The other encoded discoveriesabout "Hitler," "Sadat," etc. are presented as encodedwords significantly clustered together in a particular text. This is alsothe basic presentation method of Aish Ha Torah/Discovery Seminars accordingto the materials I have reviewed and the discussions I have had with oneof their lecturers. The codes revealing the name "Yeshua," "YeshuaShmi - Jesus is my name," and "Yeshua ha'Mashiach" are presentedin the context of the significant messianic biblical passage in which theyoccur.

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h) In my book and in my presentations I quote the statements of Dr. Gans,Witztum and Satinover in the chapter dealing with the original codes discoveriesabout the Famous Rabbis, Hitler, Sadat, etc. I have never claimed or impliedthat these gentlemen endorsed or approved of Yacov's discovery of the nameYeshua in the codes. In fact, I often comment in my lectures on fact thatthe Yeshua codes are rejected by the Jewish community and the above namedgentlemen.

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A fellow named "Michael Drosnin" has the type of thing I amtalking about. You probably saw him, or heard about his book, as it was"all over" the news (USA TODAY, 6/4/97, p. 8D; CNN; TV "talkshows," etc.).