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Written after the Sand Creek Massacre, it includes the proclamation, Aug 11, 1864, of John Evans which authorized all citizens to go in pursuit of all hostile Indians, etc.

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  The Sand Creek Massacre (November 29, 1864) is one of the most controversial Indian conflicts.

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Synopsis: During the infamous Sand Creek Massacre of November 29, 1864 in which a group of Colorado Militia slaughtered over 100 peaceful Cheyenne men, women and children, scout Robert Bent rescues Sarah Lindstrom and her child from the devastated Indian camp and takes her to safety.

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Accelerated by the , the two sides slipped down a downward spiral of vicious battle from the end of the Civil War until the 1890s.Sand Creek was a village of approximately 800 Indians in southeast Colorado.

The era of the Indian trader in Colorado came to an end with the Sand Creek Massacre.
The Sand Creek massacre of 1864 was a catalyst of further bloodshed between whites and Native Americans, especially the plains tribes.

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