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Therein lies a mystery. Abu-Jamal survived and the policeman died. The official record is clear on the matter: Abu-Jamal was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death on charges of first-degree murder. The two main witnesses who convicted Abu-Jamal were both under Philadelphia police influence because of their criminal records. Compelling evidence exists that their testimonies were fabricated. Several other witnesses to the crime had testimony supporting Abu Jamal's innocence, and their testimony was suppressed. Similarly, the police fabricated a "confession" by Abu Jamal, months after Jamal supposedly made it. The bullet removed from the policeman could not be matched to Abu Jamal's pistol (he had it because he was moonlighting as a cab driver in inner city Philadelphia, an understandable situation). Abu-Jamal had been on death row since his conviction. There were many irregularities with his trial and conviction. The judge who sentenced him to death sentenced more black men to death than any other active judge in the United States. They used to call judges like him “hanging judges.” Six former prosecutors have gone on the record, stating from experience that no accused person had a chance at a fair trial in that judge's court.

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The state of Pennsylvania is attempting to revoke the right of attorney Rachel Wolkenstein to represent her client Corey Walker. This is a clear act of political retribution for her work in defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal, America’s foremost political prisoner. As an out-of-state lawyer, Wolkenstein was admitted to practice in Pennsylvania pro hac vice (for this case only) in September 2014 in order to represent Walker, who is fighting to overturn his murder conviction. In a 6 November 2014 motion that raised several legalistic pretexts, the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office explicitly cited Wolkenstein’s political views as a reason to revoke her admission to practice and to prevent her from representing her client. ()

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Three members of the MOVE 9—Debbie, Janet and Janine Africa—had a parole hearing on May 12, having spent over 38 years in prison. As we go to press, no determination on their parole has been announced. MOVE, a predominantly black, radical, back-to-nature commune upholding the right of armed self-defense, has been targeted for vicious state repression ever since it was established in Philadelphia in the early 1970s. On 8 August 1978, after a months-long siege, an army of nearly 600 cops unleashed a fusillade of gunfire and then stormed MOVE’s Powelton Village home. One police officer, James Ramp, was killed in the cops’ own cross fire. At least eight witnesses testified that no gunshots came from the MOVE house, and no fingerprints of any MOVE member were found on the weapons supposedly recovered from their home. Despite this evidence of their innocence, nine MOVE members were framed up for the cop’s death and convicted on conspiracy and murder charges. They were sentenced to prison terms of between 30 and 100 years.()

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The mayor of Paris took this viewpoint to such an extreme position that he named a city street after convicted American cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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More than 3,500 protesters, from gay rights to animal rights activists, marched through Los Angeles today, the eve of the Democratic National Convention, demanding the end of capital punishment and a new trial for a death row inmate, the convicted murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal. After two hours of music, poetry and speeches at a rally downtown condemning the death penalty and ''corporate greed,'' the demonstrators marched for about a mile under a blazing sun along downtown streets, lined with police officers guarding stores and office buildings, to the heavily watched Staples Center, the site of the convention and the home of the city's basketball and hockey teams. There, there was more music, poetry and speeches.

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia, acting on orders from the Supreme Court, will again review the death sentence of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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But , director of the criminal justice practice at the , which is representing Mr. Abu-Jamal, said that she was “delighted” by the decision — and that the Free Mumia movement had some influence.

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia, acting on orders from the Supreme Court, will again review the death sentence of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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THE convicted murderer's commencement address to the students at Antioch College in Ohio had to be recorded from one of the phone calls he is allowed in the break from his maximum security, 23-hour lockdown cell in Pennsylvania. The sound quality was poor, the voice scratchy, but the convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, living on death-row, sounded quite up to the pomp and circumstance of the occasion. ''Think of the lives of those people you admire,'' the one-time Black Panther told the graduates from his prison. ''Show your admiration for them by becoming them.''