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Colonel Oliver North who turned out to be, y’know, one of the key players in the Iran-Contra scandal. Marshall had some interesting connections early on, and it looks like towards the end he was becoming someone more interested in telling the truth than having anything to do with his former acquaintances and associates, which makes the Sheriff…the Calveras County Sheriff’s contention that he shot his two children, his dog and then himself even that much more unbelievable. BARRETT: Right, and he was obviously mixed up with some pretty high level organized criminals in his days as an associate of Barry Seal. Maybe the listeners may not remember that Barry Seal was gunned down in, I think it was Baton Rouge, or New Orleans, one of the two… MADSEN: Baton Rogue, 19…February 19th in 1986. BARRETT: Right.

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The incident became known as the Iran-Contra Affair and was the biggest scandal of ..

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I think are lot of the JFK criminals have probably retired, or passed to their eternal punishment, but…so I wouldn’t wonder if it wasn’t something 9/11 related. MADSEN: Possibly, or he was actually interlinking all three events from 1963, through the 80s and Iran-Contra to the 9/11 attacks, because we see some of the same players, of course, same agencies involved, but that’s just a guess on my part.

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The dog, of course, I believe, was shot because it was a shih tzu, and they’re known for being very yappy when somebody who they don’t know comes onto the premises, but I believe the murder of Marshall and his family had something to do with his next book. BARRETT: Wow, yeah, I would think so too, although the Kennedy assassination did happen fifty years ago, and Iran-Contra was, what, thirty some years or so ago, and 9/11 was just a little over a decade ago, and since he’s worked on that issue, and it’s, y’know, the people who did 9/11 are all still in power.

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John Marshall, who incidentally was appointed to the position ofChief Justice on Adams' last day, wrote in the court's unanimousdecision that the Court could not rule in Marbury's case because itdid not have the jurisdiction to do so. Marbury had argued thatArticle III of the Constitution only set basic rules concerning theSupreme Court's powers, and that they could be expanded by Congressany time it wanted. Marshall disagreed, pointing to the simplelogic: what was the point of having a Constitution if Congresscould write laws that changed courts' jurisdictions, thus ignoringthe rules explicitly stated in Article III? If laws could bewritten that circumvented Article III in the way that Marburyargued that the Judiciary Act should, could laws be written thatallowed the courts to ignore the Constitution altogether?

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Lake Front being the New Orleans Downtown Airport which saw a lot of traffic in the early to mid 80s associated with…later with the Iran-Contra scandal, but a lot of CIA activity involved involved with the Drug Enforcement Administration with one Barry Seal… BARRETT: Wayne I’m sorry to interrupt you but you’re starting to break up a little bit, are you on a cell phone? MADSEN: Oh, yes, can you hear me now? BARRETT: Hello, Wayne? MADSEN: Yes, hello? BARRETT.

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Because of this, a few in the Reagan administration decided to,possibly without the President's knowledge, use the proceeds fromthe secret weapons sale with Iran to secretly fund the Contrarebels in Nicaragua.