(a) being incorporated orestablished in the Cayman Islands;

The Dominican Republic comprises the eastern two-thirds of the island ofHispaniola, one of the Greater Antilles. Haiti covers the other third of theisland. The Dominican Republic's area is over 48,000 sq. km; that is slightlylarger than the area of New Hampshire and Vermont combined. It has mountainousterrain with some fertile valleys and a maritime tropical climate with littleseasonal variation.

(b) having a place ofeffective management in the Cayman Islands; or

Many varieties of sea birds visit the islands, including terns, shearwaters and skuas.

(c) being subject tofinancial supervision in the Cayman Islands.

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The infrastructure of the islands consists of 121 km of highways of which 24km are paved. Of the seven airports, four have paved runways. There are two mainharbors, one on Grand Turk and the other on Providenciales.

The principal exports and imports are foodstuffs, and France is Guadeloupe'smain trading partner.

$50 million for all eight islands, ..

St. Lucia has no railways and only about 1,200 km of highway, less than 100km of which are paved. It has two airports, both of which have paved runways.

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The islands are a British Crown Colony, headed by the British monarch andgoverned locally by a governor and a unicameral legislature. The capital isGeorge Town.

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Although a British colony, the Caymans have considerable leeway in directingtheir own affairs. Consequently, they have developed close ties to the U.S.,who is their leading economic partner. The Caymans have become a thriving offshorebanking center as well as a major tourist destination.


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Each Constituent Entity of a MNE Group is required to notify theTIA of its status as such, and if it is the "Ultimate ParentEntity" or "Surrogate Parent Entity" of the relevantMNE Group it will also have reporting requirements. Notification must be made no later than the last day of thereporting fiscal year of the MNE Group provided that with respectto the reporting fiscal year of the MNE Group that began during2016, the deadline is 31 March 2018. Reporting must be madewithin 12 months after the last day of the reporting fiscal year ofthe MNE Group, provided that with respect to reporting fiscal yearsthat began on or before 31 March 2016, the deadline is 31 March2018.

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Formerly known as British Honduras, the head of state is still the Britishmonarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II. The local government is a parliamentarydemocracy headed by a governor general appointed by the Queen. There is a localbicameral national legislature. The legal system is based on English law.

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Suriname is a small country (163,270 sq. km; 63,037 sq. mi.) slightly largerthan Georgia, on the northern coast of South America. Besides the NorthAtlantic Ocean, it borders on Guyana to the west, French Guiana to the east, andBrazil to the south. Suriname consists of mostly tropical rain forest, with mostof its population living on the coast. Its terrain varies from coastal swampsto savanna to rolling hills. Its climate is tropical but tempered by tradewinds.