Quote: “Sounds to me that you are implying Quebec has a culture seperate from the US (which I do not dispute) and the “anglo-counterparts” (the rest of Canada) does not. Perhaps I misunderstood this … please clarify if you wish.”

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What is so wrong with America, Americans? Being one, I have to ask myself why such animosity towards my home country. Did we do something wrong? Are we all evil people? Not at all, we have one problem in relation to the rest of the world…we are the top dog. We are the single world power. We are the HNIC, BMOC and any other accronym that you want throw in there. I say this with no conceit whatsoever. We dictate the worlds popular culture and if that doesn’t do the trick…well hell, we’ll just blow ’em up if we have to. Not that we’re war mongers but if something needs to happen, we’re Jonny on the spot.

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Finally: US invading Canada – not today, but I agree with the concept of the day when the US does not have the money to pay us for our resources in trade – we’ve been diversifying our trade to be less dependent on the US – there are pleny of countries that want our resources. As for Canada invading the US – again not today, but in a few years we may feel that American civil liberties have been eroded enought to take action. I foresee us being subtle and convincing a state or two to join us… that would be ugly, but interesting…

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I will never understand how any one outside of America thinks we have this huge, culture gobbling machine we force on the rest of the world. First, American culture is a mixture (for better or worse) of the rest of the world. Second, our culture is constantly changing because of an influx of people and there cultures. Look at how America changed when one band (The Beatles) came to America, haircuts, clothes, etc. Yes there were some that complained, but so what, America survived, and I believe we were the better for it. Besides, If you notice, there is almost NOTHING with the Made in America stamp on it anymore. We cannot be the blame for this anymore. And if everyone in the world hates America so bad (yes I have a short-wave (the original internet) and listen to it daily) like the international newsfeeds say frequently, why are other countries looking at our culture?

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Well, if it makes you feel better, bands like INXS, Men at Work, Midnight Oil, AC DC, Kylie Minogue, etc have made a HUGE impression on American kids ( Myself included, I am 35) I think all countries are both guilty of doing this, and being affected by it. Look how many woman have Chinese script tattoos on there body (most have no idea what they mean) Hollywood is highly influenced by other cultures, and this in turn influences the country. I think the best version of Mad Max is the original with the Australian accents (very rare here, but findable) If that same question was asked of students here, very little would be American. As long as there is one Australian who remembers, it is never lost ot forgotten.

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Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary…. come check out Montreal or Quebec city, you’ll get an idea where the dividing line stands. Canadians are always trying to distinguish themselves from the United States for totally obscure reasons…. they are pretty much the same (excepted for Nova Scotia and the Newfies) . Anyways, Canada is some sort of culturally non existent massive and bizarre country. When the english ruled, us frenchies were the canadians and now that England is just some old distant identity they clame the canadian title and aren’t about to let us seceed!