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Our culture drives us to pursue success and pleasure, complete tasks efficiently, and contemplate how to improve the lives of the generations to come and ourselves.

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The process by which culture is learned and transmitted across the generations

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The other interpretation, however, is more germane to our topic. According to Resh Lakish, if Noah was capable of remaining righteous in the midst of the unbridled perversity that surrounded him on all sides, how much more so would he have been in a community in which morally adequate conduct was the norm! At work in Resh Lakish's observation is the insight that our moral outlook and conduct are, in the normal course of events, strongly influenced by the culture that surrounds us; and that, therefore, the person who is capable of arriving at moral insights that go beyond - and indeed defy - what is the norm in his or her culture, or who is able to maintain integrity in the midst of a perverse community, is a most extra-ordinary human being -- much more so than the one who behaves well in the midst of a community in which the norm is good conduct.

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As her knowledge of the language progressed, Arlene was asked to assist with the Ho-Chunk Language class at Tomah High School. Now she teaches the class by herself and has a strong desire not only to continue teaching at the high school, but to go beyond that to assist others who are willing to learn the language. Arlene gives credit for all of this to the continued efforts by Ho-Chunk elders who understand the critical need to teach the younger generations about their language, culture and history.

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But even if this question concerning the power of educational institutions relative to that of the larger culture can be satisfactorily addressed, it must be noted that there are other significant questions in need of addressing that I have largely bypassed in this discussion. For example: 1) is it even possible to develop an educational environment that is radically at variance with the larger culture of the community? And assuming it is possible to develop a few demonstration-sites of this kind, is it realistic to imagine such institutions on a mass-scale in a country like the United States? 2) Even if principle we agree that schools can and should be created that are organized around a moral ideal that is different from what is accepted in the larger culture, what is this moral ideal -- and who in a democratic society that is grounded in the Constitution and that is home to heterogeneous groups representing a diversity of moral outlook should be empowered to determine educational policy in this area? Though the beyond the scope of this paper, such questions are important and need to occupy an important place in our communal and educational agenda.

The impact of culture goes far beyond the human side of the organization to affect and influence its basic mission and goals

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Though it is beyond the scope of this paper to discuss contemporary discussions of the influence of culture on the development and expression of our character, it is noteworthy that the perspective I have identified with Jerusalem and Athens is generally at one with the findings of contemporary child development and social psychology.

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"[The Undoing Racism® workshop] taught us to look beyond the surface and really consider the minute workings of systemic oppression, even as they influence our own work culture. The skills we gained will be useful in dialogue, presentations, messaging, and our personal lives and interactions. Moreover, our time with you gave us countless chances to see each other as human, to acknowledge our journeys, and to begin healing across the many divides we have."
- Jarrett Lucas, Soulforce Q, Minneapolis, MN

Executive support: Executives in the organization must support the cultural change, and in ways beyond verbal support.

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Both Jerusalem and Athens - the culture of the ancient Israelites and the culture of the ancient Greeks, each of which has substantially influenced contemporary Western civilization - speak instructively concerning the role that culture plays in the moral life of human beings. Commenting in Hellenistic times on the Biblical verse, "Noah was a righteous man, and perfect in his generation," Rabbinic commentators intimate two very different interpretations: