Why Bother? Theology frightens the daylights out of most people.

It's easier to understand what religion is if you understand the advantages and disadvantages of some of the more commonly cited definitions found in dictionaries.

So far, the best definition of religion I have seen is in .

The Objective of Theology  There may be as many objectives to theology as there are theologians.

Theology | Definition of Theology by Merriam-Webster

The theological task is to disclose the close relation between the divine and humanity by interpreting and articulating the profound meanings of the history of salvation and of sacraments, such as baptism, Eucharist, worship, prayer, etc.

Biblical Theology – A Definition

The scientificmethod, which also becomes, then the theological method, may bedefined as "that method for describing and explaining therevelations of God that incorporates the principles of verification,operational definition, statistical generalization and confirmation."
John Dewey in his book, described five stepsthat are involved in problem solving:


Everyone who readsthe Bible or even thinks about God has contrived a theology ofsome sort.

that is the purpose of systematic theology

The fact that this is an appropriate definition in sociology reveals that the common assumption of religion being primarily or solely a “belief in God” is superficial.

Theology is the study of the nature of God and religion

Nevertheless, the rest of the definition which describes “world religious traditions” is helpful because it describes the variety of things which make up a religion: myths, stories, truth-claims, rituals, and more.

The Five Dimensions of Christian Theological Task

Sometimes older dictionaries have better definitions than newer ones, but more recent comprehensive dictionaries tend to have the better overall definitions of all.

The Five Dimensions of Christian Theological Task ..

It is, however, true that on the one hand every confession is originally based upon the experience of the numinous and on the other hand upon the loyalty, trust, and confidence toward a definitely experienced numinous effect and the subsequent alteration of consciousness: the conversion of Paul is a striking example of this.

Biblical Theology  Biblical theology is restricted to the biblical revelation ofGod.

Definition of terms: cults, sects, denominations

As Lash points out, “the theological task is dubitably constructive inasmuch as theologians share responsibility for the mission of the church to contribute the construction of a redeemed humanity.”

These five dimensions together constitute the entire task of theology.

Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof - Monergism

In spite of all the contradictionsand nuances that were to emerge in the understanding of this conceptin various Christian confessions and schools of thought, a formalcriterion remains constant: theology is the attempt of adherentsof a faith to represent their statements of belief consistently,to explicate them out of the basis (or fundamentals) of theirfaith, and to assign to such statements their specific place withinthe context of all other worldly relations (., natureand history) and spiritual processes (., reason andlogic).

A theology does not grow up in a vacuumapart from a genuine relationship with the object of study.

The BIBLICAL THEOLOGY Glossary of Theological Terms

This is a totally self-serving way of approaching the issue and something you only hear from those who describe themselves as “spiritual.” You never hear a self-professed religious person offer such definitions and it's disrespectful to religious people to suggest that they would remain in a system with no positive characteristics whatsoever.