Our world of the future is moving towards Sci-Fi clothing.

I am guided this invisible energy shield is already in the military's control.(?) My higher guardians are revealing that some people within the military and space authorities (like NASA), are already aware of the radiation waves entering our Earth.

the surest means of promoting economic growth

We can see the truth of this prediction as more and more information comes to light.
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The myth of Coalition economic management - ABC …

UPDATE: 23rd October 2015

Vine's psychic prediction about the wayward direction of Canada's destructive environmental actions and authoritarian social policies, came true.

The myth of Coalition economic management

A was concerned that "...sweeping powers contained in the new anti-terror bill may not contain enough legal safeguards to protect people’s rights."

The Canadian Government also secretly spent , which since the crash of oil prices have destabilized the Canadian economy.

Schiavone claims the dumping was taking place with the full knowledge of corrupt senior officials.
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Comparing Successful and Unsuccessful Spin — …

Update: 16th February 2012
We believe that Melbourne born Vine's psychic premonition of Australia feeling the economic heat is coming true - especially because of the recent job cuts from some of Australia's top banks, telecommunications companies, leading manufacturing businesses and now.

Comparing Successful and Unsuccessful Spin

A lot of her clients and readers are starting to realize that she is an extremely gifted Sensitive who Spirit entrusts to offer credible world psychic predictions to people all over the globe.

Relax, we have nothing to fear from negative gearing reform

All in all, Vine's warning back on the 1st of February 2012 for people working in the Media to, "prepare for a changing job market" has well and truly come true.

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I'm being shown so many political visions about the world at the moment and it seems as though the people who hold political offices around the globe will be finding more political grunt to tackle global economic and social issues on a level we have not seen before.

Spirit is showing me a vision of the British Prime Minister moving into a philosophical mode of political and social operation.

AUSTRALIA'S GOVERNANCE CRISIS and the Need for Nation Building

There is no timeline being given to me by Spirit, I am guided this is a warning to our world to act before the situation gets out of control.

Biodiversity | Australian Rainforest Conservation Society …

Vine was aware that our Planet was about to contend with strange energy movements when she warned highly sensitive people around the globe:

"Spiritual Caution: People around the globe who are highly sensitive to weather patterns or earth movements will be feeling all over the place."

We know that our Sun entered into one of its strongest solar storms and scientists were advising that Satellite controlled equipment could experience geo-magnetic interference as the radiation was being directed back to Earth.