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I first noticed the severity of this in January last year when I saw a Catalpa tree with all of it's leaves still attached just dead and hanging there. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but it soon made sense after watching Dane describe the exact phenomenon out West. Trees and bushes are dying all around us here as well. It's very heartbreaking.

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Research Global WarmingResearch Global DimmingThe impact of diatoms on global warming.

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I can so identify with John Koffee. Seems everywhere we turn we are buried under tsunamis of lies and deceit, cover-ups and evil intent. What makes it all even worse is knowing that incomprehensibly vast amounts of human time and energy are consciously devoted to sustaining and perpetuating the lies and the falsehoods, all, by design, intended to confuse, stupify and derange the public at large. Basically and in no uncertain terms, TO F**K OVER THE VAST MAJORITY OF HUMANITY BY A SELECT MINORITY. The success of these campaigns is nowhere more in evidence than in and among so-called environmental groups and even in some groups whose platforms include anti-geoengineering. While many such groups will go to gargantuan lengths to march on the streets to demand action on global warming/climate change, we stand in awe of the near total omission of geoengineering from the activism so earnestly expressed by these, I'm sure, well intentioned folks. How is this even possible? And given the slow but steady accumulation of public awareness regarding the atrocities in our skies, how is it possible we have yet to reach enough critical mass to stage mass protests worldwide? I am keeping faith that we will get to that point. Seems there's no way it CAN'T happen at some point. As Dane has said many times, if the public were to truly awaken to the magnitude of these crimes, there would be a tsunami of rage on the streets, and in the infinite concentric circles of social media.

It was a time when such questions usually were not asked.

There's a most heartwrenching scene towards the end of the movie "The Green Mile", where death row inmate John Koffee explains why he is ready to die by the electric chair. I can only sketch out what he said but basically he confesses he just can't take it anymore, he cannot withstand the enormity of the evil in the world, he's worn down by it all and the evil feels to him like shards of glass stabbing into his mind. He's ready to bail out. I have personally shed tears more than once at the power of this scene and the power of the metaphorical impact of the movie's conclusion.

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() "The temperature of thestratosphere is controlled by the weather that will come up from the loweratmosphere," said Paul Newman, another scientist who took part in theArctic ozone project.

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said that if the pattern of extended cold temperatures inthe Arctic stratosphere continues, ozone loss over the region could become"pretty disastrous." ()Salawitch said that the new data has "really solidified our view"that the ozone layer is sensitive not only to ozone-destroying chemicals,but also to temperature.

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(examples: physics, climate change, etc.)

Some describe chemtrails as a plot by the New World Order, the Rothchilds, the Bilderbergers, or the Masons, to wipe out the “useless eaters.” Given the amount of evil that exists in the world, these conspiracy theories might not be as farfetched as they sound. However, I do not know that. What does seem to be possibly true is that the scientific experiments to modify and control weather are having adverse real world consequences. The claim that aluminum is being sprayed into the atmosphere and when it comes to earth is destroying the ability of soil to be productive might not be imaginary. Those concerned about chemtrails say that weather control experiments have deprived the western United States of rainfall, while sending the rain to the east where there have been hurricane level deluges and floods.

From a human perspective, ozone is both helpful and harmful, both good and bad.

(examples: physics, climate change, etc.)

"If we have a very active stratosphere we tend to havewarm years, when stratosphere weather is quiescent we have coldyears." () New research indicates that globalwarming will continue to cool the stratosphere, making ozone destructionmore prevalent even as the volume of CFCs in the stratosphere is slowlyreduced.

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"But we have seenquite a few years lately in which the stratosphere has been colderthan normal." ()
"Wedo know that if the temperatures in the stratosphere are lower, moreclouds will form and persist, and these conditions will lead to more ozoneloss," said Michelle Santee, an atmospheric scientist at NASA's Jet PropulsionLaboratory in Pasadena and co-author of a study on the subject in the May 26,2000 issue of .