A steamer hit by a torpedo during the First World War

These notes are taken from the book, Out in the Dark, Poetry of the First World War, where other war poems that need special explanations are similarly annotated. The ideal book for students getting to grips with the poetry of the First World War.

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First World War centenary events will be taking place across the UK over the next four years.

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At first, only the Germans appreciated the power of machine-guns when used on the defence from prepared positions with overlapping fields of fire. All armies would soon learn this lesson, as the machine-gun, perhaps more than any other weapon, drove soldiers from the battlefield and into relatively safe trenches, dug-outs, and fortifications. Overcoming the stalemate created by the dominance of firepower would challenge armies for the rest of the war.

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1. DULCE ET DECORUM EST - the first words of a Latin saying (taken from an ode by Horace). The words were widely understood and often quoted at the start of the First World War. They mean "It is sweet and right." The full saying ends the poem: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori - it is sweet and right to die for your country. In other words, it is a wonderful and great honour to fight and die for your country.

Edward Thomas, a Second-Lieutenant in the Royal Garrison Artillery, at home on leave in early 1917

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Browse a collection of some 200 contemporary photographs of the monarchs, crown princes and other assorted royalty who ruled Europe during World War One, including Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, British King George V and Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary.

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Let our podcasts and videos guide you through our records of the First World War, from tracing battalions of the British Army to the Women's Land Army.

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Read a single page summary of the origins of the First World War - the tangled secret alliances, the royal feuds, the personalities and the seemingly inevitable series of events in June and July 1914 which culminated in the oubreak of hostilities spanning four years.

The interior of the railway carriage in which the Armistice ending the First World War was signed

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A comprehensive anthology of poetry of the First World War.
All the greatest war poems of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon and war poems of over 70 other notable poets. All set in the context of the poets' lives and historical records. With historic photographs and cartoons. Edited by David Roberts.
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We hold a vast collection of documents, letters, diaries, maps and photographs from the First World War, many of which have been digitised.

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Each of the nations which participated in World War One from 1914-18 used propaganda posters not only as a means of justifying involvement to their own populace, but also as a means of procuring men, money and resources to sustain the military campaign.

- First deportations from the Warsaw Ghetto to concentration camps; Treblinka extermination camp opened.

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Machine-guns pre-dated the First World War by half a century and were in widespread use by 1914, but doubts about their role and effectiveness limited the use of machine-guns in most pre-war armies. Most early war machine-guns were heavy and relatively immobile, requiring a team of soldiers to use.