The five primary psychological paradigms

The goal of virtually all alternative practitioners is preventing cancer in the first place, which means quit smoking, eat healthy, stop drinking, etc. They all encourage their patients to stop the habits that can give them cancer. They never advertise their cure as a "magic bullet." They see their "cure" as part of a holistic treatment designed to bring human bodies back to their naturally healthy state, following the . When Dr. Brodie saw that his patients were unhealthy by looking at a drop of their blood, his goal was not to be right a year later when they finally manifested tumors, but for them to change their habits before they developed tumors or other disease manifestations such as rheumatoid arthritis.

The five primary psychological paradigms - …

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Besides isolating the cancer virus (something never before seen) Rife had also proven the pleomorphic theory of microbiology first elucidated by Béchamp. In 1932, Rife was using his frequency device to destroy the typhus bacteria, the poliovirus, the herpes virus, the cancer virus, and others using experimental animals. Human treatment was not far off.

Paradigms for Abnormal Behavior

Rife was subpoenaed in 1939, and the AMA attorney tore into him on the witness stand in a way that Rife had never experienced. Rife had never been in a courtroom before, and with what he lived through. Rife's doctor suggested that he take a drink to calm his nerves, and Rife's alcoholism began. If Fishbein and friends could not own the Rife device, they would destroy it. They hunted down all the doctors using the device. Everybody was threatened with losing their license if they kept using the Rife frequency device. Hamer quickly gave up his device.

Cognitive psychology is the study of mental processes such as "attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity, and thinking". Much of the work derived from cognitive psychology has been integrated into various other modern disciplines of psychological study, including educational psychology, social …
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5 Major Perspectives in Psychology

People have seen that demonstrate have been carefully hidden. Few are treated to shows like those, but it is easy to go see UFOs light up on request, which provides of technologies far beyond what is publicly available. It is easy to see the pleomorphic forms first described by through that even today are called “impossible” by mainstream optical theory, microscopes that have existed . The experiments that highlight deep flaws in orthodox atomic theory and how have been reproduced many times. With the benefit of such experiences, the false idol known as scientism becomes evident, as does the realization that the same mentality that is alive and well, and even .

Psychological reactance provides an opportunity to understand patients’ health behavior. • We examine the factor structure of the HPRS in psychiatric outpatients.

I have identified five different perspectives, or paradigms, ..

Here is the classic Catch-22. If they never test an Unproven Method, there is no chance that the treatment could ever be proven, according to their standards. Then states pass laws outlawing the use of an Unproven Method, and in the late 20th century, about ten states have criminal laws where the doctor could go to jail for even recommending it to a patient. That is why I call it a racket. It is designed so that there never can be any competition to cut-burn-poison methods of cancer "treatment." It is a totally insulated racket, engaging in circular logic to wipe out the threat of an actual cure appearing on the scene, and the USA is .

Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns. Report of a Task Force established by the Board of Scientific Affairs of the American Psychological Association

five main point of tensions have been pointed out and discussed:

The early attempts to curb Catharism were largely restricted to counter-preaching, and Dominic led the effort to bring the Languedoc citizens back to the fold. He had little success, and Pope Innocent III crafted an effective solution. In businessmen’s parlance, it consisted of putting cement shoes on the competition while marketing an ersatz version of their product. Innocent called a Crusade on Languedoc and simultaneously sanctioned the mendicant orders, the Dominicans and Franciscans, who imitated the austere practices of the Cathars. The Albigensian Crusade was waged over decades and completely depopulated parts of France and killed about one million people. The Cathar threat to the Catholic Church’s monopoly was wiped out in a prodigious bloodbath, and the Church enjoyed another three centuries of religious racketeering, until Martin Luther came along. The became the Inquisition’s foot soldiers, enforcing the faith with the rack, hot tongs, and flaming stakes.