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The Glass Menagerie is a play first produced in 1944. The author, , was launched into fame and made victim to the forties’ equivalent of literary paparazzi because of it. The play revolves around a young man begrudgingly supporting the family his father has abandoned. It also features a painfully shy and slightly crippled sister character, whose preoccupation with a collection of glass animals draws her away from reality. Set against the backdrop of the , the family struggles together with the past, the future, and one another.

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Likenesses within The Glass Menagerie to Williams' life-TW's first name was Tom, tenement in St. Louis, worked in a shoe factory, dreaming of being a writer, father was a telephone man who fell in love with long distance/real father was traveling salesman (although he did not abandon TW's family, he was gone for long stretches of time), mother had come down in circumstances/social status, Rose/Laura both fragile (Rose mentally, Laura physically, psychologically), glass menagerie (although Rose only had 2 or 3 glass animals), Amanda based on TW's mother, Tom's guilt over not being able to save Laura.

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While The Glass Menagerie is one of Tennessee Williams's most popular plays, it is also one of his least characteristic. The play is fragile and poignant. Although the scenes and characters are very vivid, there is a sense of unreality about the whole play, much like many of our memories. Williams introduces a major recurring theme in this play-"What place can be found in the modern world for 'lost souls'-the artist, the natural man, the aristocrat, the non-conformist?" His protagonists are almost always out of tune with accepted norms and generally use something-sex, drugs, alcohol-to escape an unfriendly present or to recover a dead past. (Laura uses her glass animal collection.) The action usually shows the protagonist forced to face the truth-often after being subjected to physical or psychological degradation.

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The Glass Menagerie Interview . Since its debut in 1945, The Glass Menagerie has been revived on Broadway seven times, in 1965, …