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Any law programs (e.g., overseas law programs) offered for academic credit by the Law School that are not scheduled to correspond to a standard fall, spring, summer, or winter session will be designed to ensure an allocation of weekly classroom time and out-of-classroom work sufficient to satisfy the definition of a credit hour as set forth above.

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"These rankings, particularly the sustained upward movement by both the College of Engineering and the College of Education over the last several years, show that Purdue continues to excel in education at the graduate level," said Timothy Sands, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost. "We are pleased that the efforts of our faculty to enhance our graduate programs while expanding Purdue's research portfolio are being recognized externally."

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Fewer Students Taking High School Computer Science Classes:
The (12/21, Chandler) reports on the decline in "the portion of schools that offer an introductory computer science course," a figure that "has dropped from 78 percent in 2005 to 65 percent this year, and the corresponding decline in AP courses went from 40 to 27 percent," survey results show. The College Board even "canceled its AP computer science AB class" because of "declining enrollment." Some see the decline in computer science as "surprising," particularly given the political initiatives centered around "fueling innovation by sharpening the math, science and technology skills of the future workforce." Chris Stephenson, executive director of the Computer Science Teachers Association, "said computer science classes might be an unintentional casualty in the push to increase academic standards," as it "is not considered a core subject by the No Child Left Behind law."

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b. An upper-class student who is not in good academic standing after a semester, but who does not fall within paragraph (2)(c), shall be placed on probation for the following semester.

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c. An upper-class student whose average for the semester is no greater than 2.000, who receives final grades below C in three or more courses, or who receives final grades below C in more than one course while on probation, is not in good academic standing and may be dismissed. The Academic Standing Committee may vote to allow the student to continue on probation. The Committee will not allow the student to continue unless it finds by clear and convincing evidence that:

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1. A candidate must have completed at least three years of full-time study in law school or have completed at least four years of part-time study in law school. A student in good academic standing may, in extraordinary circumstances and with the permission of the Dean of Students Office, complete an upper-class year of study at another ABA-accredited law school (see policy on Visiting Out, Study Abroad, and Electives at Non-Suffolk Programs.)

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iii. A student who has a grade point average after the second semester of the first year ranging from 2.330 to below 2.500 is not in good academic standing and will be reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee. Such a student will be dismissed unless the Committee finds by clear and convincing evidence that the student is likely to succeed in the study of law, which includes a likelihood of passing a bar examination. Evidence relevant to the Committee’s determination of likely success for purposes of this paragraph may include, but is not limited to, the absence of unsatisfactory grades in the student’s academic record, the presence of grades of B+ or higher, and demonstrated improvement in the student’s academic performance in the second semester relative to the first. If the Committee votes to dismiss the student, that dismissal is final and unappealable.

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d. If a student who is not on probation but has been on probation previously and is not in good academic standing at the conclusion of a semester, he or she shall come before the Academic Standing Committee, which shall determine, based on the student’s overall academic record and the student's reasons for failure to maintain good academic standing, whether or not the student shall be dismissed or be permitted to continue on probation.