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Most of the things the hacker culture has built do their workout of sight, helping run factories and offices and universitieswithout any obvious impact on how non-hackers live. The Web is theone big exception, the huge shiny hacker toy that even admit has changed the world. Forthis reason alone (and a lot of other good ones as well) you need tolearn how to work the Web.

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The goal when designing any Graphical User Interface (GUI) - and a Web page is simply a GUI to your instructional materials - is to achieve a clear and structured, but appealing layout. The design issues described in this section should be considered when constructing an instructional Web site. The single most important consideration in an instructional Web site is the content. If the instructional material is not clearly understood by the learner, then the investment in all of the other design issues is wasted. Many novice Web designers become interested in the bells and whistles that the Web has to offer and have little content. For the same reason, movement - the use of blinking text, JavaScript, and animated graphics - should be used for attracting attention, not for decoration. Page layout should be simple and clean because cluttered layout on Web pages, just as in print and broadcast media, do not necessarily add to the instructional process. Icons should have some meaning and context and be used for an instructionally valid reason. Graphic overload, characterized by some commercial sites, should be avoided to reduce load time and clutter.

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When creating instructional Web pages, simplicity is the Web-Based Instruction designer's maxim. Don't attempt complicated solutions - technical or educational - the first time. It will be discouraging to you and the students if things don't work as expected. It is possible to make an instructional Web page with rich graphics, moving text, and bright backgrounds, but these are usually distracting for the learner. In addition, using many of the special effects available on the World Wide Web add a level of complexity that may not be necessary or desirable in an educational environment - and learning how to do these may not be the most beneficial use of the designer's time, especially in the early development of Web-Based Instruction.

The Amazon concept was developed in 1994, ayear in which some people claim the world wide web grew by an astonishing 2300percent!
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Web pages are connected by hypertext links. When a link is clicked you will be taken to another page which could be on another in any part of the world.

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So theidea of clicking on a word or a picture to take you somewhere else was a basicfoundation of the web.

Another important building block was the URL or Uniform Resource Locator.

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In the same year Marc Andreesen founded Netscape Corporation, and the World WideWeb Consortium, which administers development of Word Wide Web standards, wasformed by Tim Berners Lee.

Then we really started to see growth.

The World Wide Web is a network of computers that serve webpages

The Internet is a worldwide system of interconnected computer . When you connect your computer to the Internet via your Internet Service Provider (ISP) you become part of the ISPs network, which is connected to other networks that make up the Internet.

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Not only did it change itsappearance, it made it possible for pictures and sound to be displayed andexchanged.

The web had some important predecessors, perhaps the most significant of thesebeing Ted Nelson's Xanadu project, which worked on the concept of Hypertext -where you could click on a word and it would take you somewhere else.