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The style of the time—Art Deco. It originated in Europe and became the signature design and architecture that marked the 1920s era. In the U.S., one of the most remarkable buildings featuring this style was constructed as the tallest building of the time—the Chrysler Building.

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The Musicians: This site gives detailed information about the jazz greats from the Roaring Twenties

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The Jazz Age was the first modern era to emphasizeyouth culture over the tastes of the older generations; theflapper sub-culture had a tremendous influence on main streamAmerica--many newwords and phrases were coined by these liberated women.

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The glamour of the Roaring 20s is back 100 years later in an exquisite time capsule event held at Governors Island. The annual returns August 26th and 27th to close out the summer season in serious style. Hosted by Michael Arenella & His Dreamland Orchestra, the two-day affair harkens back to the days of prohibition, resurrecting the music, fashion and zeitgeist of one of the most exciting movements in history. Grab your tickets early (because it will sell out), hit your favorite vintage store and become one of Arenella’s “time travelers” for an epic day of dancing, cocktails and hot jazz.

Dixie Hotel Jazz Nite summer program begins Thursday June 12th and every other Thursday through  (, , , , and ).

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If you aren’t in town for the Jazz Age Lawn Fest, you can still recapture the romantic spirit of the Jazz Age every Wednesday through Saturday right here at The Roxy. Descend into our cavernous vintage live jazz club – The Django, and experience our very own 1920s Jazz Age Parisian boîte without having to leave New York. Book a table, , and treat yourself to our rotating cast of the finest Jazz performers while sipping one of our signature craft cocktails.

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The 1920s was a prosperous era known by a few names, such as the Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Age, the Age of Wonderful Nonsense, and the Age of Intolerance.

The novel uses the Jazz Age as a backdrop to a stilted critique of the American Dream and ..

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The Colonial architecture of Governors Island frames the party’s dance floor and food halls, a complete departure from the chaos of Manhattan, which stands only a five minute ferry ride across the river. The Jazz Age Lawn Party’s followers are what completes the “time capsule” effect. Regardless of August’s wrath, revelers always suit up in period garb – pressed three pieces suits and wicker hats for the gentlemen, and biased-cut flapper dresses and cloches for the ladies. Coupled with dancing and champagne cocktails, it is easy to allow yourself to imagine a New York of a hundred years ago, at least for the day.

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What were the gastronomic delights of the average American in the 1920s? Apparently we had a “sweet tooth with a taste for the exotic”–enter fruit cocktails, pineapple upside-down cake, Jell-O molds (think tomato Jell-O), tea sandwiches, fancy salads and chafing-dish recipes.

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When I think of the ‘Roaring 20s’ I can’t help thinking about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great American novel The Great Gatsby. And with the upcoming remake of the original movie, now is the perfect time to host a Great Gatsby themed party. The story is set in the roaring 1920s following the First World War. The novel takes place on New York’s Long Island and when you think roaring 20s—think garden parties; flappers; feather boas; jazz; ostrich feathers; Prohibition; Speakeasies; the Charleston; bathtub gin and gangsters.