What is the law regarding seat belt use?

It is recommended that all passengers, in all seating positions, use safety belts. New York State's seat belt law has increased seat belt and child safety seat use, and is responsible for saving lives and reducing the severity of injuries. Buckle Up and take advantage of the best available protection in the event of a crash.

Florida Mandatory Seat Belt Laws

Yes, the following types of vehicles are exempt from the seat belt law:
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On April 1, 1982 New York State's first child passenger restraint law went into effect. In 1985, New York State's mandatory seat belt law was enacted. The seat belt law includes mandatory use of a federally-approved child safety seat for children under four years of age. The focus of this page is on Child Safety Seats. For information about seat belts and air bags, please visit our .

State of Florida Seat Belt Laws

The Florida safety belt laws apply at all times. Regardless if you are on a short trip in your neighborhood or driving hundreds of miles on the turnpike - always wear your seat belt.

More information about seat belt and child restraint use laws can be found at:
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California Driver Handbook - Occupant Protection

Potential Future Measures to Increase Seat Belt and Child Restraint Usage: Eliminating the remaining exemptions in seat belt and child restraint laws could increase usage and thereby reduce fatalities and injuries. Higher fines for non-use of seat belts and child restraints could motivate greater usage. Jurisdictions that do not assign demerit points for these offences could implement this measure, and those which already have demerits could raise them.

Seat Belts Use Act of 1999 (Republic Act No. 8750) - …

Section 8. — It shall be unlawful for any person to import or cause the importation of any vehicle without appropriate and operational seat belt devices as required herein and in accordance with the IRR thereon.

That is why Florida has seat belt laws

Yes. New York State's seat belt law is a "primary" law, which means that a police officer can stop you simply because you are not wearing your seat belt.

Colorado cell phone, car seat, seat belt, and child safety laws

Since 1991, all jurisdictions have had seat belt and child restraint use laws covering all seating positions. Some laws have exemptions for belt use (e.g. medical conditions, physical size, police officers, ambulance attendants, taxi drivers carrying passengers, drivers making frequent stops). The fines for non-use range from about $75 to about $250, and most jurisdictions have demerit points ranging from one to four.

The Hotly Contested History of the Seat Belt

When the seat belt tears or is ripped in half during an accident, something has probably gone terribly wrong. Seat belt webbing is designed to withstand the forces of most survivable collisions without ripping or tearing. Torn or ripped webbing might occur because of a defect or manufacturing flaw in the webbing itself, such as material or weaving deficiencies.