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Rejection of TTIP in its entirety should be the focus of our energies, not the straw man of semantic “all is lost” interpretation of existing EU law…

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David like everything in the EU, rules are made and broken to suit the needs of the ruling elite.
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Furthermore there is scant prospect of Article 106 ever being repealed. To do so would require the common accord of all the governments of the EU Member States. You’d only need a single neoliberal government to veto such a Treaty change.

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For good measure, from the 1990s onwards there was a surge of EU liberalisation directives opening up gas, electricity, transport, telecommunications etc to private sector involvement. Fat chance of a Labour Britain getting these repealed either: to do so would require a “qualified majority” of Member States.

I’m against staying in, and don’t support large scale renstionalisation, but where’s the proof that being in the EU, means no nationalisation
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The foundational principles and institutions of the EU are negotiated by the imperialist capitalist states of Western and mid Europe. Anybody who thinks that can be reformed is not in the real world. It must be replaced by a socialist European Federation or Union which means negotiations between socialist regimes as and when they take power in the individual member states i.e. when the German, British, French etc bourgeoisies have been overthrown one by one but hopefully in rapid succession.

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Thus Danny Nicol says that EU membership prohibits nationalisation (with no supporting evidence). Several posts have challenged this but there has been no come back.

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Is there any chance that this could turn into a real debate in which the points made for EU membership are actually taken head-on by those against it?

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I believe that fundamentally we have to expose the corrupt elite in Europe from the outside by showing an example of what can be achieved, rather than worrying about dealing with legalistic terms that are designed to thwart progressive politics.

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Hungary nationalised its scrap metal industry and other sectors since joining the EU. The European Court of Justice ruled against an Italian citizen who took out a case against the Italian government’s nationalisation of energy companies.

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[…] Farage thinks EU law prevents nationalisation. Ironically he seems to have got this from a recent post on Left Futures by Westminster University’s Danny Nicol. Professor Nicol argues that the […]