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The goal in all the trials is to compare the initial momentumof the carts with the final momentum, and likewise the initialkinetic energy to the final. This will be done by dividing thefinal value of the momentum by the initial, giving the fractionof the momentum that is conserved. If the conservation laws hold,this should be equal to one. Results less than one indicate thatmomentum was lost. In the same way, the fraction of kinetic energythat is conserved will be found.

Conservation of Momentum Lab ..

 Our results are a representative of all the aspects affect the conservation of momentum.
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thus changing the velocity and momentum calculated

The laws of conservation of energy and momentum are among themost fundamental and useful laws of physics. They aid in the solutionof many mechanics problems and come up frequently in many fieldsof science. What these laws say is that if there are no net forceson a system, then that system will have the same momentum, p =mv, at all times. In addition, if there are no external or internalforces acting in or on a system, then the energy of that systemwill remain constant. Newton's First Law is hidden in these conservationlaws. Newton's First Law states that bodies at rest will remainat rest as long as no forces act upon them, and bodies in motionwill remain in motion as long as no forces act upon them. As onecan see, Newton's First Law is a statement about conservationof momentum and energy. Things stay the same, as long as theyare left alone.

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In other words, momentum is conserved.

For the law of conservation of Momentum to be true, there must be no other forces involved except those specifically acting between the 2 objects.

Task: Investigate if the conservation of momentum stands true in real situations.

Hypothesis: The sum of the initial momentum will be equal to the final momentum.


- Laptop with logger pro

1) Set up the equipment with the motion detector on the ends, the carts in the middle.
2) Make sure the track is levelled, and the cart can run smoothly.
3) Experiment with elastic momentum, both trolley’s moving towards one other.
4) Experiment with elastic momentum, one trolley at rest, the other moving.
5) Experiment with inelastic momentum, both trolleys moving towards one another.
6) Experiment with inelastic momentum, one trolley at rest, the other moving.
7) Observe in three trials for each.
8) Record on the laptop through logger pro, and screenshot data


Moreover, using the Logger Pro program made it challenging to target the moment of the collision and determine Velocity before and Velocity After.
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A ball is shot by a spring gun into a catcher arranged to swingas a pendulum (figure 3.3). When the ball is caught, the combinationof the ball and catcher become the bob of the pendulum. Althoughthe collision between ball and catcher is andenergy conserved, momentum is. With the catcherat rest, the initial momentum of the system is provided by theball, shot with velocity . Just after theball is caught, the momentum that is due to motion of the centerof mass of the pendulum assembled from the catcher and ball, havingvelocity . Conservation of momentum requiresthese be the same,

Conservation of Momentum and Energy

However, since the change in momentum is so small, we could assume that had we proper equipment and no outside forces, proving the law of conservation of momentum would be a success.

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