Innocent Murder - The Real Story Of JonBenet's Death

It was generally agreed that this evidence made Patsy the prime suspect, but no conclusive motive could be demonstrated that would be horrific enough to justify, even in Patsy's mind, the murder of her daughter.

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murder of an innocent person,” Francis ..

"Based on my experience," Yeager wrote in his earlier 1997 report, "this second section of verse 27 has been used by several white supremacy groups such as the Christian Identity movement and the Aryan Nation to justify their killing of blacks, Jews and other minorities.

Innocent and Imprisoned for Murder: The Colin Warner Story

Lee James, 24, a father of three, pleaded guilty to murder at Bristol Crown Court. His friend Stephen Norley, also 24 and a father of two, admitted assisting an offender after helping James to drag Mr Ebrahimi’s body from his home and fetching the white spirit to set him alight.


Someone entered the Ramsey home, without a trace of forced entry, wrote a ransom note on paper found there, abducted JonBenet from her room, took her to the basement to an obscure corner where she was sexually assaulted, killed and then cleaned, dressed and wrapped in a blanket.

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According to an elderly lady who lives in a maisonette in the same block, and who asked to remain anonymous, the day of the murder had been blisteringly hot. “People were having barbecues and sitting out on the balconies,” she said. “It was a happy atmosphere. People were having water fights. But the youngsters had been drinking all day, and the name-calling got out of control. They got hot-headed. I could cope with them giving him a beating, but setting him on fire was sick.”

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Two made for TV movies, one a two-nighter based on the best-selling Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller, aired in the last week of the ratings month to better than average audiences.

Gonzalez was arraigned Friday morning

“We are gravely concerned that the actions of those men have been made possible by the failures of the police and others.” This sentiment was shared by some of the neighbours. Two days after the murder, an angry resident confronted police at the scene.

Murder at the State Fair: Is he innocent

Bristol city council and the police have attempted to portray the murder as a tragic one-off, pointing out that overall levels of crime in Bristol are falling. The statistics are indisputable. The Strategic Assessment 2012-13, which will be published shortly, shows that total crime numbers are at the lowest they have been for 12 years. Even the notorious Stapleton Road, which in 2011 was named as the most dangerous street in the country for crime, is relatively safe.

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But there remain pockets of communities around the city that are close-knit, closed-minded and deeply hostile towards anybody who is “different”. To dismiss the murder as a mere anomaly is to ignore the details of the crime, which indicate that many people played a role.

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If she had been killed at the party, which must occasionally happen given the nature of the goings-on, then her death would have been handled in a more direct manner.