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My family has been filling boxes for about 4 years and we look forward to it each year. I am thankful for everyone’s suggestions, questions and clarifications because it will come in handy as we assemble boxes this season. I really like how people have mentioned HOW they are packing items so that they fit more things into the boxes. I always seem to fill the boxes up and feel as if the child deserves so much more. Thank you for including simple ideas for packing more items!

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[…] We started talking about Operation Christmas Child. We will be putting together 10 boxes at our next meeting. A sign up sheet was passed around for anyone wanting to donate items for the boxes. If you missed the meeting, no worries, everything will be put online so you can still sign up. Watch your e-mail for the sign up link. Need some ideas? Follow this link for 101 Shoebox Ideas. […]

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Another idea…a world map! They’re FREE at AAA if you are a member and they are flat and compact so you can tuck it in on the side or lay it flat on the bottom. Or if you know where the box is going, include a map of the continent they live in. Every child should have a world map so they can see what is out there.
Also, cross-stitch threads for making friendship bracelets. They are super cheap at craft stores. Make one to send with the threads, not only will they get a special bracelet from you, they’ll hopefully understand what the threads are for.

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I think this is an awesome idea….however we are stationed over seas. Is there a way someone like us can send boxes out to these children? I know a bunch of families that would love to participate in something like this. Please let me know so I can get the word out. Thanks a bunch! God Bless!

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-screwdriver, nail clippers, sewing kit, nails, or anything metal or really hard plastic with a sharp point or blade.
– playing cards (gambling is a big problem overseas so having possession of playing cards is a risk to the child) And only typical Ace, King, Jack etc. Kid’s playing cards like go fish or old maid that have cartoon pictures, not numbers are okay.
-American money is the BIGGEST no because the child will almost definitely have it stolen from them immediately and possibly violently.
-Also always wrap the lid and box separate and the best thing is really the plastic show bow containers.

30/10/2015 · The decision ends decades of restrictive policies that limited most urban families to one child.

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I have had the honor of packing AND DELIVERING the shoe boxes and would make one STRONG suggestion. Although the children LOVE receiving candy and sweets, many of them are already facing dental problems. Most of the children we work with in Guatemala have very visible decay. When I assemble the boxes in the future, candy will be left behind.

Oct 30, 2015 · The decision ends decades of restrictive policies that limited most urban families to one child.

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Just thinking here, we do include candy, but if one of the children already has a lot of dental problems they may not even be able to “handle” eating it. I just know before having a tooth fixed that if I ate anything sweet, it killed me, even though I brush regularly.

Oct 30, 2015 · The Chinese government eased its one-child policy in 2013, but the state news media reported on Thursday that Beijing was abandoning the policy …

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Thank you for making this list! It’s so helpful in planning what to buy. Although, I don’t think I would include balloons on the list, or at least, only buy them for 10-14 year olds. When I was in college, one of my professors told us about a time a child had a balloon in the classroom and sucked in to blow up the balloon, but instead, he sucked the balloon down his throat. So scary!