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Besides our own sins, there are the sins of . The world is a place where Satan's throne is; a place where we see God daily dishonored. Lot, who was a bright star in a dark night, felt his righteous soul tormented with the filthy lives of the wicked. 2 Pet 2:7. To see God's truths adulterated, and his glory eclipsed—wounds a godly heart. It made David cry out, "Woe is me, that I sojourn in Mesech, that I dwell in the tents of Kedar." Kedar was Arabia, where posterity lived. It was a cut to David's heart to dwell there. O then, be willing to depart out of the tents of Kedar!

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Yet, only the book of James uses Abraham as an example of obedience, andeven James uses Abraham's obedience to help his readers properly understand faith.

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Right Meditation - to concentrate our will on the Buddha, His Life and His Teaching.

Since these eight paths can be put into the categories of precepts, meditation and wisdom we can say that the path of practice of Buddhism is the Three Vehicles of Learning.

Right Thoughts - to turn away from the evils of this world and to direct our minds towards righteousness.3.
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Said Hilarion on his death-bed, "Go forth, my soul, Go forth!" Another holy man said, "Lord, lead me to that glory which I have seen as through a dark glass; hasten, Lord, and do not tarry!" Some plants thrive best when they are transplanted. Just so, believers, when transplanted by death, cannot but thrive, because they have Christ's sunbeams shining upon them. What though the passage through the valley of the shadow of death is troublesome! who would not be willing to pass a tempestuous sea, if he were sure to be as soon as he came to shore? Use three: We may here find comfort in the loss of dear and pious relations. They are not only taken away from the evil to come—but are great gainers by death. They leave a wilderness, and go to a paradise! They change their complaints into thanksgivings! They leave their sorrows behind, and enter into the joy of their Lord! Why should we weep for their happiness? Believers have not their portion paid to them, until the day of their death. God's promise is his bond to give heaven to them; but though they have his bond, they do not receive their portion until the day of death. Oh! rejoice to think of the happiness of those who die in the Lord. To them "to die is gain." "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain!" Philippians 1:21 is a Christian's anchor, which he casts within the veil. "Rejoicing in hope." A Christian's hope is not in this life—but he "has hope in his death." The best of a saint's comfort, begins when his life ends; but the wicked have all their heaven here. "What sorrows await you who are rich, for you have your only happiness !" Luke 6:24. You may make your acquitance, and write "Received in full payment." "Son, remember that you in received your good things." But a saint's happiness is in the anticipation of heavenly glory. "The righteous has hope in his death." God keeps the best wine until last. If Cato, the heathen, said, "To me to die is gain," as he saw death to be a mercy; what, then, may a believer say! "The day of is better than the day of one's ." A queen of England said she preferred her before her . What benefits do believers receive at death? An apprentice, when he has served his time, is made free. Just so, when the saints have finished their time of living, they are made free! They are not made free until death. There are in the best believers, the remnants of sin—some remainders and relics of corruption. "O wretched man who I am! who shall deliver me from this body of death?" By the body of death is meant the mass and lump of sin. It may well be called a body—for its ; and a body of death for its harmfulness. (1.) Sin weighs us down. Sin hinders us from doing good. Like a bird that would be flying up—but has a chain tied to its legs to hinder it—a Christian would be flying up to heaven with the wings of desire—but sin hinders him! He is like a ship under , and at Grace would sail forward—but sin is the anchor that holds it back! (2.) Sin is more active in its sphere, than grace. How stirring was lust in David, when his grace lay dormant! (3). Sin sometimes gets the mastery, and leads a saint captive. "For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing." Rom 7:19. Paul was like a man carried down the stream, and could not bear up against it. How often is a child of God overpowered with pride and passion! Therefore Paul calls sin, "a at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members." Rom 7: 23. Sin binds as a law; it has a kind of jurisdiction over the soul, as Caesar had over the senate. (4.) Sin defiles the soul. Like a stain to beauty—sin turns the soul's azure brightness into darkness. (5.) Sin debilitates us, disarms us of our strength. "I am this day weak, though anointed king." Though a saint is crowned with grace, and anointed a spiritual king—he is weak.

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The Hebrew words , translated as righteous, and (, Strong's #3477), translated as upright, are paralleled many times in the Bible indicating that in the Hebrew mind they were similar in meaning. Upright is another abstract word but it is used in a concrete manner, such as in Jeremiah 31:9, where it means "straight" as in a straight path.

Hebrew Poetry will also parallel antonyms, words of opposite meaning, such as in the following verse.

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(2.) They shall behold the glorified body of Jesus Christ; and if it be pleasant to behold the sun, how blessed a sight will it be to see Christ, the Sun of Righteousness, clothed with our human nature, shining in glory above the angels! Through Christ's flesh, as through a transparent glass, some bright rays and beams of the Godhead shall display themselves to glorified eyes. The sight of God through Christ will be very delightful; for the terror of God's essence will be taken away; his majesty will be mixed with beauty, and sweetened with mercy. It will be infinitely delightful to the saints to see the amiable aspects and smiles of God's face.

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(4.) They lose all HOPE. Though they lived wickedly, they hoped God would be merciful, and they hoped they would go to heaven. Their hope was not an anchor—but a spider's web. At death they lose their hopes, and see they did but flatter themselves into hell. "Such is the destiny of all who forget God; so perishes the hope of the godless. What he trusts in is fragile; what he relies on is a spider's web." Job 8:13-14. It is dreadful to have life and hope cut off together! "The hopes of the godly result in happiness, but the expectations of the wicked are all in vain." Proverbs 10:28. "When a wicked man dies, his hope perishes." Proverbs 11:7. "The desire of the righteous ends only in good, but the hope of the wicked only in wrath." Proverbs 11:23.