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This week has seen the closure of parts of the US Congress because of fears of contamination from anthrax, as well as countless scares in the United States and other parts of the world.

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The skin lesions are rather more characteristic of anthrax rather than anything else.
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These are characterised by ulcers which have swellings around them which are generally painless but they have a black centre to the ulcers, this is what's - this is the most characteristic aspect of anthrax contamination via the skin.

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The third type is if you ingest, if you eat, a piece of contaminated meat then you have a gastrointestinal infection with anthrax, that's the rarest of all three.

The investigators don't definitely know what the source of the anthrax is, where it's coming from, who's going to be targeted next.
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That simply isn't the case, the vast majority of people are just getting on with their lives and they're just thinking that, you know, the authorities are doing all that they can and also, to be utterly frank, that despite the very unfortunate death of one man - the photo editor in Florida - everybody else since then who has been tested and is undergoing treatment seems to be absolutely fine and the five other people who we definitely know have contracted anthrax - dozens more have tested positive for exposure to anthrax - but the five more that we know have actually contracted the disease all seem to be having a very good prognosis - they all look as if they're going to make a full recovery.

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Dr Desmond Ling, for example, in Dorchester here in Britain says: "Since anthrax spores can survive for decades what can you do in buildings in which they've been found, how long can it be before they can be declared safe to enter?"
Well they can do a number of different techniques to really sweep the building clean using like massive vacuum cleaners but what we know from the British experience on a Scottish island is that if it gets into soil it's very difficult to remove the contamination and then it can take decades to decontaminate.

Anthrax Anxiety May Be Worse Than Infection

And now to get some more fundamental answers about some of the questions about anthrax we have here in the studio our health correspondent Neil Bennett.

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Mary Reynolds who's in San Antonio, Texas wants to know about postal mail, "Since Anthrax is such a highly infective agent," she said, "and spore laden mail must get mixed up with normal mail and runs through postal machines wouldn't that mean that much of the general mail could get contaminated from it?"
In order to get contamination from anthrax you need between 8,000 and 50,000 spores and the chances of that many being released from an envelope would mean that it wasn't working at all.

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Tim you've been watching this anthrax story from much closer to the heart of it and Daniel, here in the United Kingdom, wants to ask: "If there any indication that the US population really is as worried about anthrax as the media coverage would seem to suggest?"
Well to be very candid Bridget no.