Cathedral in Granada, Nicaragua

Charges Laid in La Boquita Murder – The Carazo District Criminal Court has accepted the charges against the defendants in the murder of the Canadian Rajan Gill who was beaten to death at his home Finca Azul in La Boquita, Carazo at the end of November. Charged are Marbeli del Socorro Palma Cortez and José Faustino Vanegas Cruz. A third defendant named César Gamaliel Solano Estrada is on the run. After killing the victim, the defendants left with a safe, a plasma TV and a computer in the victims SUV, later found abandoned.

1 – Zipline in the Mombacho Cloud Forest Reserve.

3 – Hear the howler monkeys, loudest land animal on earth.

4 – Visit old fortresses baking under the hot Nicaraguan sun.

CIH has just updated its annual calculation of the loss of social rented homes since 2012, when the new policies of providing only homes at Affordable Rents began to kick in. Over the five years, despite the modest levels of new build just mentioned, the social rented stock has fallen by 151,000, or four per cent. Why is this happening?

6 – Visit bamboo weavers in Catarina.

Building of new homes for letting at social rents has fallen to a trickle – just 5,380 in the last financial year. The past five years have seen just 50,290 built altogether, most of these financed by social landlords without grant aid. Theresa May has promised to revive social renting “in those parts of the country where the need is greatest”, but will this be enough to reverse these losses, which get worse each year?

5 – See toucans, agouti and humming birds in Chocoyero Nature Reserve.

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But the Nicaraguan government’s critics say it is hypocritical. It is partnering with China to build a huge interoceanic canal, a rival to Panama that will take even bigger ships and – if it goes ahead – could be the world’s biggest construction project. At over 270km, it is more than three times the length of Panama’s, will cut through environmentally sensitive areas, consume huge quantities of materials and – most importantly – cross the biggest body of fresh water in Central America.

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I suggested it would be an excellent moment for Nicaragua to change its mind, though claim no credit for the subsequent decision – I can’t have been the only one to think so. By signing up, Nicaragua has now sent a signal that if small nations can take the climate crisis seriously then so should the big ones.

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Of course, when U.S. President Donald Trump declared that he would pull out of the agreement, his complaint was the opposite – that it was too onerous for the United States. By chance, I met Nicaragua’s climate change negotiator, Paul Oquist, a few days after Trump’s announcement at the start of June.

The British “Fascinated” by the Nicaragua Canal Project – Ross Patrick Denny.

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Soldiers and their families have to live close to their work, which usually means in houses built on or near military bases, often three-bed semis with ample gardens. For decades they were managed directly by the MoD. The task isn’t straightforward: soldiers may be away for months at a time, they can be moved around at short notice and the bases are often far from towns and public services. The MoD was also badly behind with repairs: by 1996, a backlog of over £400 million of work had accumulated.

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The Ambassador mentioned that a business delegation will visit Nicaragua in April 2016 with a view to encouraging trade with Nicaragua. Denny recently made his first trip to Nicaragua since being appointed.

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After four years there has still been no government evaluation of the current test. But one has just been done by . Not surprisingly, those whose first language isn’t English and aren’t familiar with computers find the online test forbidding. Many migrants question its usefulness and see it as an instrument of immigration control. As a result, many feel negative about gaining citizenship, the opposite of what the government says it wants to achieve.