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Setting a boundary is not an attempt to control the other person (although some of the people who you set boundaries with will certainly accuse you of that - just as some will interpret it as a threat) - it is a part of the process of defining ourselves and what is acceptable to us. It is a major step in taking what control we can of how we allow others totreat us. It is a vital step in taking responsibility for our self andour life.

Take responsibility for the success of your communication.

This essay discusses the perplexities and challenges of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
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Celebrating the completion of major phases of work or theoverall project is an important element of team building. In somecases it might be argued that it is too late to affect outcome,but there are still good reasons to celebrate.

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Some of the uses and channels of communication would normallyhave been considered and agreed as part of a Communications Planand, generally, as part of the process. This is particularly the case wherecommunications are made to people outside the Project Team.

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Although anxieties about damaging collegial relationships loom large in situations of potential error involving other clinicians, a patient's right to honest information shared with compassion about what happened to him or her is paramount. Simply put, when disclosure is ethically required, the fact that it is difficult must not stand in the way. Patients and families should not bear the burden of digging for information about problems in their care.

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The North American BBB system is an important force for marketplace ethics, operating a range of programs and services to promote ethical business conduct.

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility …

For each issue someone needs to be the recognised leader;someone has to believe it is their responsibility to drive anissue otherwise it may become forgotten. For each issue therewill be a sub-set of people most appropriate to makecontributions. "Appropriate", here, means a combinationof capability, resource scheduling/availability, and the need tobuild a good team.

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The approach to communicating with patients about other clinicians' errors should be determined through research into how this challenge arises; the preferences of patients, clinicians, and institutions regarding handling such situations; and outcomes data regarding disclosure strategies. The following principles should be refined as data and experience accumulate.

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The goal of the discussion with the involved colleague is to establish what happened and, if needed, how to communicate with the patient. The path forward will depend on the outcome of the peer-to-peer conversation. The colleagues may agree there was no harmful error, and the process can stop. If they agree there was a harmful error, they can discuss what needs to be reported through institutional channels and disclosed to the patient. The colleagues may also disagree about what happened or whether disclosure is warranted. When these or other challenges described below occur, it is appropriate to turn to the institution or health care organization for assistance, if possible.