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The roads were overall not as bad as the tales we heard, except for a few random spots, where there was seemingly never-ending construction and random frost heaves capable of launching you airborne. Our towed vehicle probably caught some air at least once!

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Obviously, the road was not plowed in winter and was deep with mud in the spring.

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The date for the chase is Saturday November 25, the date of the Brockville Santa Claus Parade. The course will be a 5K at the regular Laurier Hill venue. Murray advises, that the course will not involve the Laurier hilarious itself but will incorporate much of the FYB's road course, while starting and finishing at the Laurier Soccer field clubhouse.

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It’s a very long trip — no doubt about that — but we also have friends who live there just in the summers and do it every year. It’s not as bad as many people make it out to be, or like it was many years ago before road improvements.

Not far beyondRocky Brook is where the road to Pokey Dam heads to the north.

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Certain sections of the construction zones and the narrow and bumpy Top of the World Highway knocked our progress down to 10-20 mph at times. Going slower is the best way to avoid damage to your vehicle(s) in those cases — lots of people who had passed us going quite a bit faster were on the side of the road later on with problems. You definitely want to measure your distances differently there, too: 60 miles may take 3 or 4 hours, not 1! We quickly learned not to try to firmly plan our arrival times.

Then again, Monsegur was not really a visitor

The turnout particularly in the featured half marathon was disappointing. Just 36 runners lined up for this the 29th edition of this historic club event. The majority of the entrants were from outside the Brockville area - Kingston, Gananoque, Morrisburg and Pembroke. Many Brockville Road Runner members were noticeably absent; other commitments and priorities no doubt.

We were so thankful that we were not the ones doing the driving of a large vehicle on a narrow dirt road for a change!

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This is not the trip for those who don’t like to drive long distances in a day, unless you have a lot of travel time padded in to get to Alaska and back, or decide to take the ferry one or both ways. It’s also not ideal if you want perfectly-paved roads without many hazards.

This image taken from just east of the Stage Road intersection gives a grand view of  taken in 1958 likely by Marcia (Grover) Williams of Crawford.

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I enjoyed reading your blog. I deliver RVs to AK and I have traveled the AK Hwy. 67 times, mostly alone, so far and always see something interesting. I have driven the hwy. in every month except December. I just thought I would add for those planning a trip up the Alcan, take your time, look back into the brush, around every tree and along each creekbed and river, there are more animals there than on the road surface. Don’t be afraid to talk to locals and sit around the campground campfires, many interesting stories and great people. ( a few not so great ) I have been six feet from a grizzly, charged by a moose that stopped 6 inches form my head. ( changed my shorts) been surrounded by a herd of Caribou and witnessed the birth of Bison on the road side, and a couple of not so modest Coyotes mating on the highway. You never know what or when you will see so nature at in finest. Enjoy the ride! Thanks for your blog, it reminded me of so many trips. PS: I did not blog, I wrote some left of center poetry and will be recording my first CD of my poems this winter ( 2018) It is titled: “Left of Center on the Alaskan Highway, or thereabouts!

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It is in a handbill dated September 1800 that he states that the road from Gouldsborough to Mariaville is complete and that “another road will be opened in the … spring to the Penobscot River….” This road ended at Eddington on the Penobscot, where today the Airline meets the river and turns sharply south to follow the river to Brewer.