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This achingly beautiful story shows a true master of writing at her very best. Edward Tulane is an exceedingly vain, cold-hearted china rabbit owned by 10-year-old Abilene Tulane, who dearly loves him. Her grandmother relates a fairy tale about a princess who never felt love; she then whispers to Edward that he disappoints her. His path to redemption begins when he falls overboard during the familys ocean journey. Sinking to the bottom of the sea where he will spend 297 days, Edward feels his first emotion—fear. Caught in a fishermans net, he lives with the old man and his wife and begins to care about his humans. Then their adult daughter takes him to the dump, where a dog and a hobo find him. They ride the rails together until Edward is cruelly separated from them. His heart is truly broken when next owner, four-year-old Sarah Ruth, dies. He recalls Abilenes grandmother with a new sense of humility, wishing she knew that he has learned to love. When his head is shattered by an angry man, Edward wants to join Sarah Ruth but those he has loved convince him to live. Repaired by a doll store owner, he closes his heart to love, as it is too painful, until a wise doll tells him that he that he must open his heart for someone to love him. This superb book is beautifully written in spare yet stirring language. The tender look at the changes from arrogance to grateful loving is perfectly delineated. Ibatoullines lovely sepia-toned gouache illustrations and beautifully rendered color plates are exquisite. An ever-so-marvelous tale. (, starred review)

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Summary: When World War II ends, Ruth is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life
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Drown, America's Greatest Radionics Innovator The Untold Story Part 1

The death ofRuth's father shattered her world in two parts, "the world of my father,which was the world of death and which was beautiful, and the world ofconfusion and explosive weeping which I repudiated" (Mead, 1959 p.99).

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Summary: When World War II ends, Ruth is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. As a Jew who survived the Holocaust, Ruth searches for her lost family members among a sea of displaced persons trying to find each other and a new purpose. Israel is the promised land in more ways than one, and Ruth’s motivation to join those on this exodus from Poland comes from being enlisted to the cause as opposed to religious fervour. Along the way, Ruth slowly faces the horrors she has experienced, watching the reactions of others while dealing with her own, searching like everyone else for a place without hatred, where she can finally be safe.

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| Author: Dele Oke Naomi, Ruth and Orpah - Women of the Bible

Needing to support and raise her children, she remained in Los Angeles and entered Chiropractic college, graduating in 1926. She became licensed as a Doctor of Chiropractic in California in 1927. While attending Chiropractic school, Ruth spent much of her time experimenting in new ways to manipulate the life energy encountered in Radionics diagnosis. She knew that she had to simplify the Abrams procedure and eliminate the need for using a healthy 'subject' to determine the diagnosis for the patient. She became convinced that the use of wall outlet AC electricity was a huge mistake and contaminated the patient with a coarse and brutal energy that was anathema to the subtler life force emanations. Above all, she wanted to the diagnosis and apply treatment custom tailored to maximize the healing effect for the individual patient. From page 242:

Ruth was the lady who clung to her destiny

B. - 4:5; 13 tell us that anotherreason Boaz wanted to marry Ruth was to bring life outof death. Without a Kinsman-Redeemer, the family ofElimelech would die out. That family would perish fromIsrael. Boaz cared about that family and wanted topreserve life!

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In 1923, Ruth Drown attended a lecture given in downtown Los Angeles by Dr. Frederick F. Strong that would profoundly affect the course of her life. Dr. Strong was lecturing on the application of radio energies to the treatment of disease conditions. Initially drawn to the lecture by her interest in radio, Ruth found Dr. Strong, a Cornell graduate who had studied at the University of Berlin and other European academies, to be an inspiring humanitarian who was