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In a recent Quora thread, users addressed the question, "" We've highlighted the recurring stereotypes that professional women still deal with in the workplace:

The stereotype of the “young violent male” on the right

It's more of an achievement to find non-stereotypical characters in GTA than the other way around.
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Why is there a gay male hairdresser stereotype

"If you ask someone to describe a gay person . . . they might say somebody who may work in a certain type of job as Neil Francis did when he said hairdresser . . . someone who is not interested in sport. You stereotype them. He can only talk about his own experience and I don’t think he meant badness. You have that because you have that jock culture," Amerlynck told the . ...

"The saddest thing was that if Franno [Francis] had said those comments when I was 15 or 16-years-old I would have been absolutely devastated and it would have made me question my involvement in sport, questioned my involvement in rugby. Maybe I shouldn't be involved in rugby. Maybe I shouldn't be involved in sport."

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If you get sick and go to the hospital, you are 90% more likely to have a female nurse than a male nurse. And the few men in the profession make an average of 5% more than a woman in the same job.

Yet the stereotype of “young violent male” does not do justice to the political as well as the security threat these movements pose.
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Amy Dunne’s “Cool Girl” Feminism, or, Why We Love to …

In "Disappointing," it is the woman (who represents all those "Sex and the City"-styled, self-declared fag hags that Thomas refers to in his article) whose expectations clash with the reality of her friend's true persona. She bought into our culture's portrayal of gay men as fun-loving party monsters so wholeheartedly that she's blinded to her friend's barely concealed disdain and disapproval for all the markers that make up that stereotype: He's not into fashion, doesn't want to go out and dance because he's just ordered Thai food, and couldn't give a crap about Lady Gaga. Essentially, the Disappointing Gay Best Friend is only disappointing because he's not gay enough, and thus indistinguishable from a straight guy. And hey, if a girl wanted someone whose only comment about her outfit was that "it doesn't make you look fat," she may as well get a boyfriend. Right, ladies?

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Sheryl Sandberg's "" has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and her organization of the same name is now stirring up more controversy about the negative stereotypes women continue to face with its "" campaign, which contends that girls are called "bossy" for the same behaviors that signal leadership qualities in boys.

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He immediately turns into this stereotype (except for the lisp, which he only adopts when he's reminded of it), consulting a book called Being Gay for Morons for further details.

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While these videos are funny (really, really funny, actually), they exist in an uncomfortable space where you aren't sure if the character of the Sassy Gay Friend is a commentary on how our modern culture views homosexual men and their fag hags by contextualizing it in a historical setting, or if they were just banking on a gay stereotype to get laughs, like Jack from "Will and Grace." As Thomas Rogers wrote in his article "," this secondary form of humor doesn't embrace gay culture as much as laugh at it:

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Online supporters (as a last year indicated) of populist right parties and movements are largely young and male, while has at times supported the view that young men are more likely to vote for such parties.