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Jane Eyre's statement seems so reasonable, but even with suffrage, the pill, equal-pay legislation and new men, we've hardly begun to get to grips with her feminism. One of the most surprising scenes in Jane Eyre is one that might have been presented as a sort of idyll, when Jane is taken shopping by Rochester in preparation for their wedding, in the brief period between him declaring his love and her finding out about his wife. Jane is happier than she ever imagined possible, but her conscience never sleeps, and "the more he bought me, the more my cheek burned with a sense of annoyance and degradation". That word again, "degradation"; not one usually associated with shopping-trip scenes (think of it trying to find a place in Pretty Woman, or Keeping Up with the Kardashians), but the only thing that makes it possible for Jane to accept any gifts from her bridegroom-to-be is her private determination to pay every penny back at a later date, using her own earnings. It's hardcore, and it hurts.

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A young girl named Jane Eyre sits in the drawing room reading Bewick’s History of British Birds.

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Once Mason is gone, Jane and Rochester stroll in the orchard, and Rochester tells Jane a hypothetical story about a young man who commits a “capital error” in a foreign country and proceeds to lead a life of dissipation in an effort to “obtain relief.” The young man then hopes to redeem himself and live morally with a wife, but convention prevents him from doing so.

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Set in the mid-nineteenth century on the English countryside Jane Eyre tells the story of one orphan's troubled childhood and her yearning to belong to someone somewhere as she matures into an adult....

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Surely only Hamlet can surpass Jane Eyre for its sheer number of film adaptations. And with each version comes a new interpretation of the independent Jane. The first of eight silent film accounts arrived in 1910 – before one with sound appeared in 1934, featuring Virginia Bruce as a Jane with kohl-rimmed eyes.

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Considered a seminal reworking, the 1943 version starred Orson Welles as Rochester, but feminists won't take kindly to Joan Fontaine's damsel-in-distress portrayal of plain Jane. The same year saw Jacques Tourneur's horror film I Walked With a Zombie, which transposed the story to the modern-day Caribbean, where the mad wife becomes a victim of voodoo.

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There's much to be learnt from these revolutionary sentiments. When Charlotte was on the brink of beginning Jane Eyre, she wrote to her friend Ellen about how much she would like the power "to infuse into the souls of the persecuted a little of the quiet strength of pride". How horrified she would have been at an age which thinks lap-dancing can be empowering, or sexting a product of enlightenment. "Because I'm worth it" meant something different to Jane Eyre.

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Not only was it almost unheard of for a readable novel to be written by a woman, but the views and opinions expressed by the character of Jane Eyre were unthinkable and before their time.

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Beyond the explicit descriptions of Quaker-like appearances or behaviors, many parts of Quaker lifestyle are also used in a less obvious manner in Jane Eyre.

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The main character, Jane Eyre, demonstrates a strong need to be herself, a young girl trying to retain all the individuality possible for a dependent of her time.