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And in time I’m looking forward to being able to ask Wolfram|Alpha all sorts of things about my life and times—and have it immediately generate reports about them. Not only being able to act as an adjunct to my personal memory, but also to be able to do automatic computational history—explaining how and why things happened—and then making projections and predictions.

Four years, the summits of my life and a dream

It was again another ‘first’ in my life - being sent out of the class for an offence.
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The changes over the years reflect quite directly things going on in my life. Before 2002 I was doing a lot of solitary work, particularly on A New Kind of Science, and having only a few scheduled meetings. But then as I initiated more and more new projects at our company, and took a more and more structured approach to managing them, one can see more and more meetings getting filled in. Though my “family dinner stripe” remains clearly visible.

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Again, there are some life trends visible. The gradual decrease in the early 1990s reflects me reducing my involvement in day-to-day management of our company to concentrate on basic science. The increase in the 2000s is me jumping back in, and driving more and more company projects. And the peak in early 2009 reflects with the final preparations for the launch of Wolfram|Alpha. (The individual spikes, including the all-time winner August 27, 2006, are mostly weekend or travel days specifically spent “grinding down” email backlogs.)

But I can’t do that today, because it’s time for the ‘decision of my life’.
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Every moment and every minute detail of the entire stream of events, even the exact spot where I stood in the classroom as I received the ‘best’ punishment of my life, remain etched in my mind, as if it will remain there for ever.

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Stung by the possibility of terrible after - effects, I started contemplating different ideas to try out a ‘last - ditch effort’ to avoid what could be the most unwelcome moments of my life.

The Story is my Life I needed to realize

But what about the 1990s? Well, that was when I spent a decade as something of a hermit, working very hard on . And the plot makes it very clear why in the late 1990s when one of my children was asked for an example of “being nocturnal” they gave me. The rather dramatic discontinuity in 2002 is the moment when A New Kind of Science was finally finished, and I could start leading a different kind of life.