Thus, the supernatural is a recurring aspect in many of Mr.

Several Shakespearean plays such as The Taming of the Shrew and A Midsummer Night's Dream also fall into this category.

The supernatural occurs four times during the course of Macbeth.

The role of the supernatural is very important in Hamlet  and Macbeth.
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Thus, the supernatural is a recurring aspect in many of Mr.

There is something passionately uncompromising about their obsessive egoism which will only accept life on their own terms--in a sense they are radically unsociable beings (although they may occupy, and in Shakespeare almost always do occupy, important social positions).

The role of the supernatural is very important in Hamlet and Macbeth.

In the time of Macbeth witches were not thought to be supernatural beings themselves, but supposedly gained their powers by selling their souls to Satan.

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The use of the supernatural occurs at the beginning of the play, with three witches predicting the fate of Macbeth. This gives the audience a clue to what the future holds for Macbeth....

Thus, the supernatural is a recurring aspect in many of Mr

According to Peter Milward, the author of Shakespeare's Christianity: The Protestant and Catholic Poetics of Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and Hamlet, “From a purely religious point of view, which is more than just biblical, Hamlet is rich in homiletic material of all kinds, reflecting almost every aspect of the religious situation in a deeply religious age” (Milward 9)....

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I have reason to believe that the role of the supernatural plays a very important part in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, we can say that the supernatural occurs 4 times throughout the play that we can call supernatural because they are physically unnatural things to be seen, e.g.

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In many of Shakespeare’s plays, he uses the supernatural to strengthen a particular scene or to influence the impression the audience has about someone or something.

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Many of the supernatural images which appear in the play are based on the beliefs and superstitions of those around Shakespeare’s time who would have gone to see his plays.

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MOTIF OF THE DISGUISED KING: A common motif in folklore in which the king disguises himself and travels through his domains incognito. Examples include Prince Hal/Henry V in Shakespeare's plays, in which the king dons a cloak to obscure his features and then walks among his troops to converse with them and get a sense of their morale before battle. In Greek epics, Odysseus returns to his kingdom of Ithaca in disguise and skulks among the suitors to gather intelligence toward the end of The Odyssey. In The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn is the rightful king of the west, but he remains disguised as the homeless and impoverished Strider. See also the , below.

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The supernatural imagery that Shakespeare uses can be interpreted at many different levels by members of the audience who would have ranged from royalty to working class....