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“Practically speaking, Quill enabled online retailers like Amazon to begin selling products with a commercial advantage because they were excused from collecting the sales tax that most consumers do not know is already due and that brick and mortar retailers collect on behalf of the state every day. In the twenty-five years since the Quill decision, online commerce has reached proportions that were unimaginable in 1992 and resulted in unintended economic consequences for state governments and local retailers alike,” the Retail Litigation Center said in a .

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“[Consumers] are spending more of their money on online purchases, and we may not be getting that sales tax revenue,” budget officer Justin Alderete said to the , adding it is contributing to the city’s woes.

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The most notable legal action on the topic is South Dakota’s appeal to get the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its case after a law that requires any retailer doing more than $100,000 in online sales or conducting 200 transactions to collect it 4.5% sales tax was tested and shot down in the state Supreme Court.

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E-Commerce and Internet Sales Taxes; possibly the most contentious area in sales taxation today! The arguments for and against the taxation of internet sales come from all directions - from the states who contend they’re losing billions in sales tax revenues as a result of uncollected sales tax on internet sales, from the on-line retailers who maintain that a 1992 Supreme Court decision prohibits states from imposing a sales tax collection requirement, from the brick-and-mortar retailers who argue that traditional sales tax nexus rules puts them at a competitive disadvantage. Without a doubt, this is an area that’s exploding ! In this blog, I’ll cover topics such as those controversial “Amazon Laws”, which states are enacting them, which states are repealing them, how businesses are reacting to their passage, the constitutionality of these laws, alternative approaches states are taking to circumvent nexus, proposed federal legislation and, of course, the impact of these laws on the small/medium business owner. I invite you to follow me as I cover this timely and exciting topic!

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Enter an amount on this line only if the amount you reported on the Total Gross Sales line on the Sales and Purchase Information Page includes California sales or use taxes. Enter only the tax amounts that are included on the Total Gross Sales line.

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South Dakota, Texas, Florida and Colorado are among the 23 states, along with the District of Columbia, participating in the Multistate Tax Commission National Nexus Program, which offers marketplaces like Amazon’s a limited-time amnesty from unpaid back state taxes, penalties and interest. The program, which began on August 17 is scheduled to run through October 17, maybe be extended following retailer requests. It is only available to sellers or retails that agree to start filing tax returns and paying taxes as well as income/franchise taxes, where applicable.

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In addition to the possibility that the high court might address the matter again soon, several states are enacting laws related to sales taxes and the Internet—but they’re giving e-commerce marketplaces the ability to have the past taxes and penalties the states feel they’re owed forgiven.

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You may only take this credit if you have received a letter from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration authorizing a credit for overpaid prepayments. Enter the amount of the overpaid prepayment(s) and the quarter in which the overpayment occurred.