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From his travels, Marco amassed not only great knowledge about the Mongol empire but incredible wonder. He marveled at the empire's use of paper money, an idea that had failed to reach Europe, and was in awe of its economy and scale of production. Marco's later stories showed him to be an early anthropologist and ethnographer. His reporting offers little about himself or his own thoughts, but instead gives the reader a dispassionate reporting about a culture he had clearly grown fond of.

Marco Polo spent 24 years abroad, 17 of them in China

Marco Polo: Biography of Marco Polo, including an account of his travels and his stay in China.
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Avoiding to travel the same route the Polos did 10 years ago, they made a wideswing to the north, first arriving to the southern Caucasus and the kingdom ofGeorgia.

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Niccolo and Maffeo had established a trading outpost on theisland of Curzola, off the coast of Dalmatia; it is not certain whetherMarco Polo was born there or in Venice in 1254.

The Travels of Marco Polo was a book conceived in a prison cell in Genoa (Italy) in 1298
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In additional, Marco Polo's name was never occurred in the Annals of theEmpire (Yuan Shih), which recorded the names of foreign visitors far less importantand illustrious than the three Venetians.

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While traveledextensively in China, Marco Polo never learned the Chinese language nor mentioneda number of articles which are part of everyday life, such as women's foot-binding,calligraphy, or tea.

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We also learned that 30 yearsafter his return home, Marco still owned a quantity of cloths, valuable pieces, coverings,brocades of silk and gold, exactly like those mentioned several times in his book, togetherwith other precious objects.

His exact date and place of birth are archivally unknown

Marco Polo fell in love with the capital, which later became part ofBeijing, then called Cambaluc or Khanbalig, meant 'city of the Khan.' This new city,built because astrologers predicted rebellion in the old one, was described as the mostmagnificent city in the world.

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Before them Giovanni di Piano Carpini in 1245 andGuillaume de Rubrouck in 1253 had made the dangerously journey to Karakorumand returned safely; however the Polos traveled farther than Carpini and Rubrouck andreached China.Marco Polo's Birth and Growing Up
According to one authority, the Polo family were great nobles originating on thecoast of Dalmatia.

Marco Polo was an explorer who traveled from Europe to China and back

The extant Chinesesources on these events are not as comprehensive as Marco's book.Although Marco Polo received little recognition from the geographers of his time, someof the information in his book was incorporated in some important maps of the laterMiddle Ages, such as the Catalan World Map of 1375, and in the next century it wasread with great interest by Henry the Navigator and by Columbus.