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Both the ancient Romans and ancient Greeks possess a rich pantheon of powerful goddesses. These goddesses controlled everything from love, to nature, to hunting and even cleanliness. If you're a woman looking express your personality, then chances are that there's a goddess who will let you act like a deity for Halloween, or your next party. Just take a look at some of the great options we have below to get your ideas churning!

The Roman Empire: in the First Century

both attribute the decline in the degeneration of and the corruption within the empire to women.
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This speculation is supported by even the mostcasual observation of modern day female archers who are morethan capable of using the bow with all breasts intact.[02] Historically, Amazons were portrayed asbeautiful women in Amazonomachies, which was an artformshowing battles between the Amazons and Greeks.

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The was worn by married women. It was a full-length, tunic worn by the women from their wedding day onwards. This was not a fashionable garment, more an everyday dress, which signified that the woman was married. Being full in length, the covered the feet, and had a lower border called the . Fashion changes in female Roman dress came in the form of a change of coloured Stola, and many a stola had a fancy border on the hem. Even Roman women loved to ring the changes! There were also accessories such as brooches.

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preserved the issues in marriage,inheritance and social life, fostering the debasing roles ofwomen. The fact that men were denegation superiorfigures in this society, contributed entirely to the degrading offemales. The issues and restrictions ancient Greekwomen tolerated, maintained the weak and subordinate view of females.

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Perhaps the most iconic image of Roman society is the toga. Worn by commoners and royals alike, the simple garb is comfy, yet elegant. It's sort of a wonder why we don't wear togas in everyday life these days! If you and your significant other are headed to a toga party, or just want to have a classic Roman toga costume to show off at your next costume party, then look no further than these distinguished costumes. Our gives a look that matches that of the popular image of Roman and Greek nobility. This mixes the traditional toga with a slightly modern cut for a look that's both graceful and sexy. Adding a golden laurel accessory and some gold roman cuffs quickly turns this costume set into a and couples costume.

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It's the guys' turn! Both Greek and Roman culture produced some of the most iconic champions the world has ever known. Hercules successfully defeated the Nemean . He diced the Hydra to pieces and he eventually reclaimed his place in Mt. Olympus. Zeus defeated the prolific Titans in an epic battle to gain his freedom. If you're an intrepid man on his path to becoming a god-like, wearing hero (sounds a little like a that we played), then you may just be ready to transform yourself into a deity with one of our Roman and Greek god costumes. Here are some of our favorites.

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Everyone had a boring history teacher at some point during their life. Despite how that experience may have shaken your love of historical cultures, we're here to bring you a fresh perspective on the some of the most influential cultures to ever exist, the ancient Romans and Greeks. From their epic mythology, featuring gods and goddesses that could control the very elements, to powerful gladiator warriors and regal Spartan queens, the ancient world was filled with plenty of interesting characters. It even spawned plenty of television series, like and Hercules! Of course, that means their rich history is ripe with great ideas for Halloween outfits. You can bet that we did our homework and dug up some of the best Roman and Greek costume ideas that you can wear to any costume party for a history lesson your friends and family won't soon forget!