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If I am going to spend eternity with God I would like to know who He is. He is love, cool, but what else? Well He has to be all powerful, otherwise He could not be God. He should be fair, after all if He is not fair then what would heaven be like, just like this life? That presents a problem, if God is fair, then why should I be treated just like Hitler? I have lived a better life than him. Okay, I have not lived as good a life as Mother Teresa, but still it has been better then some murderer or rapist. Why should they live eternity in the same comfort as the people they hurt or killed. That does not seem fair. God must be just and fair, otherwise life and death neither one are fair. Well the Bible says that God is just and fair and merciful and loving. But what does that mean to me? And to you?

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3rd February 2018 - 35 Manatees have died due to cold in Florida, America.

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Eye-opening and very humbling. Because what you see is that, first of all,they are completely genuine people who are not looking for any kind of fame orattention. In many cases they haven't even told anybody else about it becausethey're afraid of what people will think of them. I have about 500 orso cases of people that I've interviewed since I first started out more than10 years ago. It's the consistency of the experiences, the reality of whatthey were describing. I managed to speak to doctors and nurses who had beenpresent who said these patients had told them exactly what had happened, andthey couldn't explain it. I actually documented a few of those in my book because I wanted people to get both angles —not just the patients' side but also the doctors' side — and see how itfeels for the doctors to have a patient come back and tell them what was goingon. There was a cardiologist that I spoke with who said he hasn't told anyoneelse about it because he has no explanation for how this patient could havebeen able to describe in detail what he had said and done. He was so freakedout by it that he just decided not to think about it anymore.

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Because we're pushing through the boundaries of science, working againstassumptions and perceptions that have been fixed. A lot of people hold thisidea that, well, when you die, you die; that's it. Death is a moment — you knowyou're either dead or alive. All these things are not scientificallyvalid, but they're social perceptions. If you look back at the end of the 19thcentury, physicists at that time had been working with Newtonian laws ofmotion, and they really felt they had all the answers to everything that wasout there in the universe. When we look at the world around us, Newtonianphysics is perfectly sufficient. It explains most things that we deal with. But then it wasdiscovered that actually when you look at motion at really small levels — beyond the level of the atoms — Newton's laws no longer apply. A newphysics was needed, hence, we eventually ended up with quantum physics. Itcaused a lot of controversy — even Einstein himself didn't believe in it.

The smartphone is eventually going to die, and then things are going to get really crazy

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And as mentioned above, the way people dress these days compared to times past is amazing! Tight, trendy, revealing clothes to make people lookat them and like them. Driving the latest cars and wanting to live in the nicest homes. LOOK AT ME, I've made it in this world!

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We are also now seeing churches accept ACTIVE homosexuals. And not only that, many churches are now placing these people in leadershippositions! Homosexuality is being pushed through television also, with many programs portraying homosexuality as normal. This isall in complete disobedience to God's clear Word ...

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Mit dem Sieg bei den Mediterranean Open Championships (MOC) konnte ich eine weitere tolle Trainingswoche abschliessen. Von diesen Wochen gab es in den letzten vier Monaten zahlreiche, denn gl&uu ...
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You will now see how Paul above in 2 Timothy is talking about our day. These signs of the last days are so clearly speakingabout our generation. Do people love themselves today by putting themselves before God and other people? Most certainly. We seem tobe more concerned about how we look on the outside, rather than how we look on the inside (our heart). Everything now is commercializedto the extreme to make people think about . If you walked down the street just 50 years ago, you would have seenthe majority of people dressed modestly in smart, humble clothing, covering their bodies. Today if you do the same you will see the majority of peopledressed in tight revealing clothing to make themselves look "sexy".