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Ebola, Hanta Virus, AIDS, Gulf War Disease, Mad Cow Disease, Pfiesteria ("Red Tide"), Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Listeria, E-Coli H0197, are some of the new emerging diseases to hit the news in the past few years. The Hong Kong Bird Flu of '98, the outbreak of Viral Encephalitis in Malaysia which had caused the death of over 100 pig farmers and a pigs, the outbreak of the in New York, the explosive spread of (25,000 ), and the current worldwide are just some examples of an of new, virulent forms of disease. The evidence is strong and compelling that the overwhelming majority of these new diseases have been intentionally bioengineered by the New World Order elites for purposes of .

The official source for the World Trade Center and Downtown Manhattan

24. Articles of Incorporation of World Freedom Foundation, State of Virginia, Nov 19, 1987.
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11. Jon Lee Anderson and Scott Anderson, Inside the League: The Shocking Expose of How Terrorists, Nazis, and Latin American Death Squads Have Infiltrated The World Anti-Communist League (New York, NY: Dodd, Mead & Co, 1984).

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Most of the major wars, political upheavals, and economic depression/recessions of the past 100 years (and earlier) were carefully They include The Spanish-American War (1898), World War I and World War II; the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917; The Great Depression of 1929 - 1939; the Rise of Nazi Germany; the Korean War; the Vietnam War; the 1989-91"fall" of Soviet Communism, the 1991 Gulf War; and the recent War in Kosovo.

They eventually resurfaced in Portugal, in Malta (as the Knights of Malta) and later in Scotland as The Scottish Rites of Free Masonry.
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I'm trying to give visitors to this web site the idea that they can take care of themselves without depending on the so called 'health' industry, which includes drug companies, the allopathic medical establishment and their pals in the insurance industry. I'm also trying to alert you to the dangers of the rapidly decending New World Order. The much ballyhooed "End Times" is a scripted and contrived strategy to justify the ushering in of a One World (fascist) government in response to the expected call and "need" for "stabilization" from beleagured people around the globe following the intentionally created chaos and misery of those .

How the Muslim world forgot the values of tolerance and diversity.

In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population.

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There are so many daily news items that are in reality the unfoldment of the NWO Agenda; scripted, planned, and executed by their obliging minions in the mainstream media. It's easier and simpler to group these items under one index of the New World Order News.