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The New Zealand evidence is not straightforward, however, and in theinterests of historical accuracy (if not trans-Tasman relations), Symons' conclusion as set outbelow, deserves some reconsideration:

"We can concede that New Zealanders discovered the delights of the large meringue with the marshmallow centre', the heart of the pavlova.

Freedom is a right that allows humans to live life to the fullest.

His mother’s expression did not change when she saw she had been given money.
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He came into his own during World War II.

many Irish accounts indicate that the cake was brokenover the bride as she entered her new home, a point ot transition symbolizing her imminent role as the first woman of the house...In contrast to these procedures, the cake was oftenbroken after the wedding feast as the bride sat at the table, or stood amongst the gathered assembly.

He became prime minister in May 1940.

It was distributed among the guests, who carefully preserved it, particularly the unmarried, who placed it below their pillows to "cream on".'."
---, Simon R.

Paul had created his own downfall because he fed into the house’s haunting words.
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As young people, we can have a profound impact on the future.

#2 The Russian empire should not be on this list. They rules over mostly inhospitable land and the few large population centers they had (including Muscovy, the original kingdom) had the most cruel form of a feudal society and its tsars did nothing to increase the populations literacy or well being, as well as they gave their subjects no freedom or no votes. They were all tyrants.

Add an overall optimism to the atmosphere.

I disagree with alot, for one Britain should be #1 because it was not only the largest empire in history; but also because it has left an influence larger than even Rome.

He does not want to leave his wife.

#3 Where is the Spanish Empire? If i recall right they were the first global empire and were the dominant power from the late 1400s until the 1600s meaning they ruled over the world for longer than even the british.

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One of the largest makers of syrups for sodafountains, the Penn Syrup Corporation, is using some of its products to make six ready-to-spreadfrostings--strawberry, orange, lemon, chocolate, mocha and white (vanilla-like).

Grade 7 student is on stage in the bottom photo at right.

It should be thinly rolled and cut inrounds; a teaspoonful of the mixture is put in the middle, and the pastry doubled over like a ball; itisthen pressed on the board to make round flat cakes, the size of the top of a small tumbler.

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Regardless of time period, conformity is able to force individualists to abide by the social standards inculcated into society and deemphasize the importance behind individualism.