Thosewho will not be taught by the Word shall be judged by the Word.

Although she was very much encouraged by her publisher, JosephJohnson, she received little support from fellow intellectuals in herlifetime. Even Godwin did not take to her on their first meeting. Veryfew of the foremost women writers gave Wollstonecraft theirwholehearted support in the eighteenth century. Many mocked her, butonly very rarely were her ideas genuinely assessed in the way theyhave come to be since the second half of the twentieth century. Theleading poet, Anna Barbauld (1743–1825) was one of the fewmembers of the radical intelligentsia of the time whose opposition toWollstonecraft was the product of a real engagement with her views onwomen. By the end of the 1790s and for most of the nineteenth century,Wollstonecraft was derided by many, if only because of what was deemedto have been a scandalous personal life. There were, to be sure,important exceptions, especially in America. Such praise as she didreceive on both sides of the Atlantic came, however, from arguablylimited acquaintance with her ideas or her intellectual persona.

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Thomas is the only Walton kid to have a successful acting career after the show
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So the next time you hear about how fabulous the Walton family's opulent new art museum is, or how much money the Walton family has given to land conservation, remember that all of that charity is part and parcel of a structure designed expressly to hoard billions of dollars within this one single family, and to avoid paying the normal tax rates that have been levied for the purpose of a tiny step towards equality. And also remember that all of the millions and millions of workers who made those billions and billions of dollars possible are trapped in a world of low wages, and are prevented from unionizing and bettering their own situation by the zealous efforts of Wal-Mart.

Thomas Waltson: A biography; Econ in Colonial America

A godly man will not only disputefor the Word but die for it: "I saw under the altar the soulsof those who had been slain for the word of God." (Rev 6:9)(f) By it above things most precious: (1) Abovefood: "I have treasured the words of His mouth More thanmy necessary food." (Job.

Waltson and Thomas Helman.
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Mary Wollstonecraft (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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Alice Walton - Crazy Billionaire

Throughout the period covered by these translations Wollstonecraftwrote for the Analytical Review, which her publisher, JosephJohnson, together with Thomas Christie, started in May 1788. She wasinvolved with this publication either as a reviewer or as editorialassistant for most of its relatively short life. Despite her ownpractice of the genre, her many reviews reveal the degree to which,she, like many other moralists in the eighteenth century, feared themoral consequences of reading novels. She believed that even those ofa relatively superior quality encouraged vanity and selfishness. Shewas to concede, however, that reading such works might nonetheless bebetter than not reading at all. Besides novels, Wollstonecraftreviewed poetry, travel accounts, educational works, collectedsermons, biographies, natural histories, and essays and treatises onsubjects such as Shakespeare, happiness, theology, music, architectureand the awfulness of solitary confinement; the authors whose works shecommented on, included Madame de Staël, Emanuel Swedenborg, LordKames, Rousseau, and William Smellie. Until the end of 1789, herarticles were mostly of a moral and aesthetic nature. However inDecember 1789, she reviewed a speech by her old friend, Richard Price,entitled A Discourse on the Love of our Country, delivered on Nov.4, 1789, at the Meeting-House in the Old Jewry, to the Society forCommemorating the Revolution of Great Britain. With an Appendix,containing the report of the Committee of the Society; and Account ofthe Population of France; and the Declarations of the Rights by theNational Assembly of France (1789). This address to theRevolution Society in commemoration of the events of 1688 partlyprompted Burke to compose his very famous Reflections on theRevolution in France, and on the Proceedings in Certain Societies inLondon Relative to that Event (1790).